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A Study on Qingdao Urban and Rural Equalization of Basic Public Services Empirical

Author GongChao
Tutor YangLin
School Ocean University of China
Course Finance
Keywords equalization of basic public services difference between urban and rural public finance transfer payment
CLC F127
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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At this statge, the main basic public services by the government refers to the provision of education, health, social security, public infrastructure services. For building of public finance, meet the public needs, provide basic public services, is an important basic features and functions. And how to promote the equalization of basic public services, which not only caused in the central and local governments attach great importance to and also caused widespread concern in the academic community. The study of urban and rural basic public services equal is importance.Based on public financial management system, such as the system of transfer payments related to the city of Qingdao urban and rural. Find main issues through empirical analysis of the current urban and rural areas of basic public services, and exploring the causes distribution of urban and rural public services. In the urban and rural areas from home and abroad to achieve the equalization of public services on the basis of experience with the actual situation of the city of Qingdao, urban and rural areas of the realization of basic public services equalization of the specific path.Firstly, this article introduced the equalization of basic public services theory, detailing the content of the theory and development. And the city of Qingdao on the current basic public services in urban and rural areas, supply and demand, describes the supply of public services between urban and rural differences, and create urban and rural areas of basic public services is the main reason for the serious imbalance between urban and rural public service structure, and at present I Urban and Rural natural resources caused by differences in economic development and local government administrative capacity factors such as differences in urban and rural areas is also a basic public services such as uneven one of the reasons why. Secondly use of a mathematical model of equalization of basic public services function, and established the basic public services equal measure of indicators and methods adopted by the city of Qingdao on the urban and rural equalization of basic public services empirical research, a quantitative study of basic public services in Qingdao City ability inequality; Qingdao City in recent years with the transfer payment data analysis, and further pointed out that promote urban and rural equalization of basic public services to the focal point, that the future of urban and rural Qingdao City equalization of basic public services to further improve the service, the most fundamental is the development the local economy, an increase in available financial resources, so as to enhance the per capita income of urban and rural financial self-sufficiency and coefficient at the same time, on this basis of the various forms of transfer payments for reintegration, in the optimization of the structure of transfer payments at the same time, step up education, social protection and basic public health services such as the transfer payments for the areas. Then combined with the successful experience of foreign countries, to promote the equalization of basic public services of reasonable proposals, and specific measures: Establishing a unified urban and rural public service system; increase financial capital in the public service in the field of investment in improving the financial transfer payments to the Government , Construction of the transfer payments equal mode. Through to the series of reform measures to promote basic public services in Qingdao City equalization of the process. Finally, the paper listed the achievements and shortcomings, the improval proposal of furture.

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