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Study on Methanol and Ethanol Microbial Sensing System

Author ZhangYiXia
Tutor DongChuan
School Shanxi University
Course Pharmaceutical Analysis
Keywords Biosensor Microbial sensor Sol - gel embedding Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) Dissolved oxygen electrode
CLC Q814
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Chapter 1 : Descriptions biosensors and microbial sensor works , composition, classification and characteristics . And briefly describes the the microbial sensor research progress . A brief summary focuses on methods and carriers , as well as microbial cells immobilized emerged in recent years a new type of nanomaterials carbon nanotubes in biosensors . Chapter II : the carbon nanotube fluorescence spectroscopy , infrared spectroscopy analysis investigated carbon nanotubes are functionalized . Sol - gel embedding prepared to immobilized beads , comparative experiments on different immobilized microbial cells and carrier . Additives affect the sol - gel immobilized silica (SiO 2 ), calcium carbonate ( the CaCO 3 < / sub> ), sodium alginate concentration investigated , drawn The best additive concentration : 1.5% sodium alginate , 4% SiO 2 , 0.3 ? the CO 3 . And immobilized particle density , permeability , mechanical strength , and bacteria entrapped amount of performance to do the evaluation . Chapter III : an assimilation ethanol strains screened , expanded laboratory After incubation , the sol - gel entrapment method is conducive to the growth of microbial cells prepared immobilized beads . Ethanol bacteria immobilized experiment , draw a best ethanol bacteria immobilization method for embedding the main carrier of 10% polyvinyl alcohol , add 1.5% sodium alginate prevent immobilized beads sticky linking, by adding 0.01g functionalized carbon nanotube to increase the the bacterial adsorption amount , and enhance the permeability of the immobilized beads . Bacteria beads will be immobilized ethanol oxidation with dissolved oxygen electrode combination , establish an ethanologenic microorganism sensing system . The effects of temperature, pH, salt concentration , strain and save time on the sensing system . The system can be detected within the range of 0.002% -0.2 (V / V) ethanol , RSD = 6.3%. Chapter 4 : screening to get an aerobic methanol -oxidizing bacteria , sol - gel embedding its expanding culture laboratory . Immobilized particles and the dissolved oxygen electrode assembly , and the establishment of a microorganism methanol sensing system . The experimental conditions of temperature, pH, salt concentration , strain and save time and examine the impact of microbial methanol sensing system , the system can detect a range of 0.002% -0.3 (V / V) methanol ( RSD = 4.24% ) .

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