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Numerical Simution of Haizhou Open-pit Mine Slope Reidual Coal Landslide Inducing Spontaneous

Author BaiYu
Tutor WangLaiGui
School Liaoning Technical University
Course Engineering Mechanics
Keywords Residual coal Spontaneous combustion Stress field Temperature field Rock finite element method Numerical simulation Stability
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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A wide range of access to foreign literature and systematically summed up the results on the basis of previous research in order to Fuxin mining area as the research object-the-spot investigation and analysis, integrated use of rock mechanics, elastic-plastic mechanics, geology, mining, science, heat transfer theory and computer science, etc. technology, using numerical simulation test method of systematic study and comprehensive analysis. Specific studies include:(1) Integrated and domestic and foreign research results, for coal / rock (sandstone) Thermal physical and mechanical properties such as strength, modulus of elasticity, Poisson’s ratio, thermal expansion coefficient, permeability changes with temperature changes and other characteristics of a systematic analysis and summary.(2) for the open-pit mine slope of the characteristics of deformation and failure characteristics that affect the slope stability analysis of factors, including rock mineral composition, rock structure, surface, structure, rock structure, topography, geological structure, water, stress, blasting operations, vibration, human engineering activities, and other factors.(3) Numerical simulation of residual spontaneous combustion of coal, the main results: With the combustion proceeded, the temperature field affect the Fan wai gradually increased, residual coal combustion cause the entire rock mass change in the nature of the structure of the internal stress field redistribution and, thus, stress release, rebound effect. Within a certain range, so that the surface deformation and movement. The temperature effect and the rock under the influence of its own gravity, with the residual coal combustion, affected by temperature, slope of rock slope along the border vertically moving curved. Seam roof there is a greater upward bending deformation, slope upward muster, a slight gradient at the base of rock uplift, slope deformation occurred at the volley.(4) The numerical simulation of residual deformation and failure process of spontaneous combustion of coal, the main results: With the burned-out area increases, edge Plasticity of rock slope damage area appeared only in the slope surface, but also in the region near the top surface of the pull-generated damage, slope produces a small amount of shear failure zone. Followed by shear failure zone increased. The actual performance of the site for the top of the hill macro noticeable tension cracks. Residue of coal self-ignition can cause the beginning of deformation and failure of rock throughout the region the apparent change in the displacement, displacement vectors are pointing to aerial surface. From the numerical point of displacement, the initial value of the whole area, are relatively small, and the internal displacement of the rock significantly reduced, the larger displacement of all concentrated in the lower slope in the vicinity. Is mainly because with the burned-out area increases, causing the surface of rock mass slope of the stress re-distribution of adjustment, at the macro performance of the coal seam roof rock layers on the sink, rock cracking, connectivity, extended cracks increased, widening.

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