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Experimental Research on Supporting Performance of Roadway Filling Bodys in Roadway Maintained Along the Goaf

Author YinBo
Tutor ZhaoSenLin;YangYongChen
School Hebei University of Engineering
Course Mining engineering
Keywords roadway maintained along the goaf gob-side packing the type of strip-net-bolts roadside support technology supporting performance experimental research
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Based on the background of engineer research of the 3102 working face (ShanXi Zuo Quan Tianyi Co., Ltd.) and taked full account of weak actual production and economic after mine’s merger and reorgnization, the forward-type no pre-excavation and no pillar mining program was adopted in the 3102 working face, meanwhile, reciprocating mining method was applied in mining area. The roadway maintained along the goaf technology will have significant effect to improve the recovery rate of coal resources, reduce the rate of tunnel boring, ease tension between mining and realize energy-saving emission reduction of mine. Above-mentioned program, the key factor to implement the program is roadway maintained along the goaf technology which is interacted by supporting lane and roadside support. Due to good application and development of network-cable-anchor-rod combined support technology in our country, lane supporting technology is maturity, then as the key part in roadway maintained along the goaf, whether roadside support adapt the characteristics of motion of roof on roadway and control roof strata effectively will determine the success of roadway maintained along the goaf technology. According to the actual mining and ecnomic conditions, tunnelling out of gangue in work face is chosen in many forms and materials as supporting material for roadside filling bodys in roadway maintained along the goaf.Because of obtaining local material easily and relatively low roadway cost, the history of using gangue as roadside filling bodys in roadway maintained along the goaf is very long, but owing to large amount of compression under loading, especially marginal part of the lane is easy to collapse pressure when the degree of building is larger, gradually, gangue filling body is phased out due to its shortcomings such as can not support the roof in a timely manner and poor effects to roadway support. So the main contents of this paper are how to make gangue belt not only be able to exert its advantages but also to overcome its drawbacks so as to play its excellent supporting performance. The type of strip-net-bolts gangue bags roadside filling support program is proposed against to the problems of large rheology and low support intensity. Strip, net and bolts are uesed as lateral supporting material in guangue bags in the program to increase confining pressure of gangue bags and restrict hotizontal deformation of gangue bags to improve supporting performance of gangue bags roadside filling support bodys. The experimental results show that the maximum carrying capacity raises 2~5 fold which will improve the filling support effect greatly and make gangue as filling material have great use potential in future development of roadway maintained along the goaf technology.This paper takes the support performance of filling gangue bodys as research object . Combining pre-theoritical analysis, parameter calculation and design, laboratory experiments, numerical simulation and field industry test, the diversification situation of structural characteristics of roadway maintained along the goaf surrounding rock, stability of surrounding rock, mine pressure law and roadway maintained along the goaf mining techniques in the 3012 work face are deep researched and explorated after using the type of strip-net-belts gangue bags roadside support technology. Field observations show that the above method can reduce the roadway surrounding rock deformation, roadway support effect is significant, and good economic and technical results is obtained, meanwhile, technical support is supplied to safe and efficient production in 3012 work face, theoretical and empirical identification is provided for the new converted mine and the intensive and highly efficient new mode of production is realized by the comprehensive study.

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