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Study and Application of Reinforced and Wear-resistant Whiskers Composite Materials

Author LiLiTao
Tutor ChenMingQing;YaoBoLong
School Jiangnan University
Course Materials Science
Keywords Whisker Friction Materials Wear mechanism Composite materials Steel doors and windows
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Friction material is an application of power machinery, relying on friction to perform the functions of a member of the brake and transmission material, a kind of polymer ternary composite materials, it is enhanced by the polymer binder, fibers and friction performance moderator The three categories of components and other ingredients, and amazing series made by the production and processing of products. Whisker is a needle-like new fiber materials, we use calcium carbonate whiskers and potassium titanate whiskers as fiber reinforced materials, processed into polymer binder and friction performance regulator in accordance with certain mixing conditions and processing brake pads, then use the instrument characterization. Whisker film for drum brakes friction and wear properties. By XD-MSM fixed speed friction testing machine asbestos, heavy calcium carbonate and calcium carbonate whisker of three friction material friction and wear properties for comparison and found the coefficient of friction of the whisker as a friction material fiber reinforced materials in between 0.4-0.5, the wear rate is small, only 65% ??of the asbestos fiber reinforcing material. Screening a large number of tests, 15% the amount of calcium carbonate whiskers, stable temperature coefficient of friction, low wear rate and high strength, this recipe costing, cost of 2.47 yuan / piece, and then do CHASE test, found from the test results, the product μN = 0.482 uH = 0.487 for GG level. Weight wear rate: 3.1%, volumetric wear rate: 2.5%; meet the design requirements. Using scanning electron microscopy, their morphology analyzed, according to their dispersed situation speculated that the mechanism of enhanced wear. Investigated whisker with potassium titanate whisker composite disc brakes enhance the comparison of the friction and wear properties of the fiber material. By contrast, only calcium carbonate whisker, potassium titanate whiskers while adding calcium carbonate whiskers and potassium titanate whiskers friction and wear performance. Found that while adding 10% calcium carbonate whiskers and 5% potassium titanate whisker disc brakes with stable friction coefficient, less wear and cost small advantages, especially under high temperature stable friction coefficient, and about 0.4, No heat fading phenomenon. In addition, in accordance with the principles of the plastic filler modified, selected polyvinyl chloride base resin, calcium carbonate whisker filled in polyvinyl chloride, add the appropriate amount of additives and kneaded using a twin roll process, press molding with a vulcanizing machine, and then testing of mechanical properties of the sample. The results showed that the content of calcium carbonate whisker composite impact strength first increases and then a decreasing trend, and reaches its maximum at 11.5%, while the tensile strength and elongation at break remains with the calcium carbonate. whisker content increases and reduced.

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