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Triboelectrostatic machine mineral particles dynamics research and analysis

Author RenXuDong
Tutor HeJiaNing
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords Triboelectrostatic machine Friction charge Friction roller Charged device vibrating friction Friction charge quantity Electric force Dynamics
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Electrostatic separation is an effective physical beneficiation methods. It and other physical and chemical processing methods has its unique advantages, such as: Electric Choice has a simple process, the economy, does not produce waste, no environmental pollution. Therefore, the electrostatic separation of research and applications are increasingly intensive and extensive. Currently, the development trend of electric separation is mainly reflected in the development of new, high-efficiency, large handling capacity and variety of electrostatic separation equipment; electrostatic separation of minerals in the dynamics of the process, the energy levels of the mineral surface structure and the surface treatment of materials technology selection process for fossil power impact. In this paper, friction roller type electric sorter and vibrating triboelectrostatic machine as the research object, the establishment of minerals in the triboelectric charge sorting machine friction friction device charge quantity mathematical model, and charged mineral particles triboelectrostatic Machine electrostatic cavity trajectory is analyzed theoretically and experimentally tested charged mineral particles in high-voltage electrostatic cavity dynamics, theoretical research results are verified. As triboelectrostatic machine foundation for industrial applications. Mineral particles into the friction roller type electric sorting machine or vibrating triboelectrostatic machine after the first election after the friction roller-type electric machines or vibrating triboelectrostatic charge on the machine friction device. Mineral particles with different dielectric constants of the friction means via the charged ore particles and the contact between the mineral particles, friction, collision charged; or mineral particles charged with the friction material on the device of a contact, friction, collision charged. In this paper, the frictional charge quantity of mineral particles were studied, and the establishment of mineral particles charged through friction rub after installation charge quantity of mathematical models. Charge quantity of mineral particles friction mathematical model reflects the charge quantity of mineral particles and mineral particles size, mass, density and mineral particles inherent physical and chemical properties of relationships. After rubbing charged mineral particles through electrostatic mineral particles distributor into the cavity, the cavity for the high-voltage electrostatic separation. According to sex repulsion, heterosexual attraction principle, mineral particles with a positive charge to the negative plate electrostatic chamber movement, mineral particles with a negative charge to the positive plate electrostatic chamber movement uncharged mineral particles from farm impact force, the force of gravity and air flow downward under the action of the vertical movement. In the lower portion of the electrostatic watched mine chamber plate for collecting the separated concentrates, middlings and tailings. In this paper, mineral particles in the electrostatic force in the chamber were analyzed, and the establishment of charged mineral particles in the high pressure chamber electrostatic force mechanical model. Mineral particles obtained dynamic characteristics of the mineral particles and the friction charge quantity, the electric field strength, the quality of the mineral particles and airflow between the thrust. On mineral particles in the electrostatic cavity trajectories are analyzed theoretically. Based on the theoretical analysis, the friction roller type electric sorting machine with friction roll speed, flow rate, and a particle size of mineral electric field intensity on the trajectory of the mineral particles. In the vibrating sorting machine triboelectric charge Friction frequency slots, grooves friction charge applied electric field, the air flow rate, and a particle size of mineral electric field intensity on the trajectory of the mineral particles. The above factors were analyzed experimentally, the results basically consistent with the theoretical findings by analyzing the mineral particles in the friction roller type electric sorter and vibrating triboelectrostatic Machine dynamics on triboelectrostatic machine industrial design and application of great significance.

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