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Jinchuan mining waste rock - all high CPB filling slurry mixing mode

Author YuanXueChao
Tutor QiaoDengPan
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Mining engineering
Keywords waste rock-total tailing high density filling stirring system Uniformity waste rock-tailings ratio density
CLC TD853.34
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Tailings, waste rock, smelter slag and other solid waste had become the largest industrial solid waste, which produced in the process of exploitation of mineral resources. The solid waste not only occupied a lot of valuable land, also caused environmental degradation and loss of resources. It was an effective way of solving the problem of the mine waste discharge problems, land occupation, and protecting environment that the mixture of waste rock and tailings transported to underground and filled goaf after stirring in the ground. The stirring was a vital part in the cement-filling system, because stirring affected the quality of slurry fluidity, pumpability and strength of backfill directly. The research on stirring system was generally for the construction concrete currently.Filling material was waste stone, tailings, other wastes generated from itself and some cementitious material in the mines,which were different from material of construction concrete.Different materials determined difference of stirring system and method, so it must verified by experiment to determine the mixing parameters.In this paper, we carried on a theoretical study and proposed a method about waste rock-total tailings high density filling slurry.We obtained the best stirring system blade angle 12°, time 50s, and line-speed 1.5m/s. The stirring quality can be guaranteed for any waste rock-tailing ratio and density under this condition.The density is the most important factor which had an impact on slurry uniform and line-speed is the second most important by linear regression analysis.Rock-tailing ratio, blade angle and time had a very small impact on uniformity.The density is the most important factor which had an impact on motor power and line-speed is the second most important. Motor power increased when density and line-speed increased.We carried out industrial test relying on paste filling system of the econd mine on the basis of indoor experiment. The results show that the mixing system that we obtain from indoor experiment can be applied to industrial production. Waste rock-total tailing direct discharge was the best drainage methods through research. Strength of and backfill filling filling capacity of the system can meet mine requirements, so it can provided technical support for promoting the use of waste rock-total tailing high density filling in Jinchuan mines. The waste rock-total tailing high density filling technology in this paper provided some reference value for the similar mines, and it had a good prospect for industrial application.

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