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Study on Spatial Variability of Soil Water Characteristics and Precision Irrigation in Western Semiarid Area of Heilongjiang Province

Author JiangQiuXiang
Tutor FuQiang
School Northeast Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering
Keywords Semiarid area Soil moisture Spatial patterns of Precision irrigation Irrigation management partition
CLC S274
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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In the face of the growing shortage of water resources, water problems have become increasingly prominent in semiarid area of ??western Heilongjiang Province. As an important grain production bases, in the face of severe seasonal drought, an effective solution is to adopt efficient water-saving irrigation measures to improve water use efficiency, and take different irrigation programs, depending on the soil moisture. Therefore, to understand the spatial distribution of soil moisture and precision irrigation program, the region of water-saving, high yield the most effective way. The papers selected in the semiarid area of ??western Heilongjiang Province Chahayang farm as a test base, the geostatistics and ArcGIS software to map out the spatial distribution of soil moisture characteristics of the study area. The spatial distribution maps from the space, you can intuitively understand the characteristics of soil moisture, soil characteristics provide the most basic information for the implementation of precision irrigation. For more rational design of precision irrigation scheme, this paper proposes the use of numerical methods and intuitive method of irrigation management partition divided. Which numerical method is the use of principal component analysis and MZA software to complete management partition divided intuitive method is based on the spatial distribution of soil moisture characteristics Pictured foundation, combined with a certain amount of expertise to direct management division of partition. The calculated numerical methods will be test-divided into two irrigation management area, intuitive method to test-divided into four irrigation management area. Statistical analysis and single factors ranging repeat variance comparison test was used to partition the results, the results show that the two partitioning methods partition results are more reasonable. In precision irrigation prior to the implementation of, this article use of stratified sampling method to determine soil moisture characteristics to a reasonable number of samples in each partition, and designed according to the principle of reasonable sampling program. Field of soil moisture monitoring system based on the natural moisture content of the sample program field layout. In the process of implementation of precision irrigation, use of natural moisture comparison with the indicators of irrigation in the area to determine the different irrigation schemes. Upper and lower limits a more rational determine irrigation, water-saving irrigation trials with major local crop combined to determine the irrigation water use. In this thesis, the whole process of the implementation of precision irrigation design, including spatial patterns of soil moisture characteristics analysis, irrigation management division of partitions, reasonable sampling program design and the design of the irrigation scheme. The results of this thesis will semiarid area of ??western Heilongjiang Province implement precision irrigation guiding significance.

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