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Preparation and Properties of Semiconductor Nanomaterials

Author TianMing
Tutor QuanShanYu
School Shenyang University of Technology
Course Condensed Matter Physics
Keywords Semiconductor nanomaterials Template AIN nanowires ZnO thin films
CLC TB383.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Of semiconductor nanomaterials its unique nature and quantum effects , makes plays an important role in the applications of the various functions of the device also has a critical influence on the future development of social information . This paper describes the preparation of the two semiconductor nanomaterials , characterization and testing of optical performance . First, the process of the template prepared AlN nanowires macro array . First, the use of self- loading grown monolayer ordered PS sphere template ; then using the evaporation method on the PS sphere template prepared monodisperse Al nanoparticles template . By scanning electron microscope observation , the Al nanoparticles prepared under different experimental conditions , PS sphere templates and template morphology characterization , which made the set of preparing single- dispersed metal nano - particles of the most effective methods of the template ; template method in temperature 1100 ℃, the thermostat time 240min , N2 gas 600torr conditions prepared by the orientation of the law , and uniform diameter , controllable macro AlN nanowire array . Second, the use of sol-gel prepared ZnO films . Zinc acetate dihydrate particles as the raw material, ethylene glycol monomethyl ether as a solvent , ethanolamine as a stabilizer, according to a certain molar ratio in solution ; to fully made ??sol was stirred in a water bath of 60 ° C ; by centrifugal spin coating machine spin into the ZnO thin film coating , after a 2-3min ; rapid heating and then said film into the tube furnace , and sintered at 300 ℃ for 10 min , and naturally cooled to the final deposition . In this thesis, the spin coating speed , the optical properties of the structure of the films prepared . The film samples crystalline structure using X-ray diffraction analysis , the results show that this method ZnO films with c-axis preferred orientation , with the spin-coating speed increases , the diffraction peak of the ( 100 ) and ( 101 ) crystal face. Gradually disappeared, the ( 002 ) diffraction peak enhancement and broadening , spin coating speed of the crystalline certain to grow . Using the UV - visible spectrophotometer testing the transmission spectrum of the ZnO films , studies show that the ZnO thin films prepared has a good light transmittance , light transmittance rate of 92% , and calculated using the relationship between the absorption coefficient and the forbidden band width of a film the band gap , the results show the optical bandgap of the ZnO thin film is increased as the spin coating speed increases , indicating that the spin coating speed can be realized within a certain range of the ZnO thin film optical forbidden band adjustable .

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