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Preparation and Properties of Water-Soluble Core-Materials Applied for RTM

Author GaoFangLiang
Tutor ZengJingCheng
School National University of Defense Science and Technology
Course Materials Science and Engineering
Keywords RTM Mandrel Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Quartz sand Mechanical properties Water solubility Composite materials
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Some composite structural member having a complicated internal structure , the whole forming a difficult problem because the demolding difficult by a conventional RTM process . Has certain mechanical properties and the water - soluble , water-soluble mandrel material to become a possible way to solve the above problems . In this paper, water-soluble mandrel material for the study , polyvinylpyrrolidone ( PVP ) and commodity MERKA2405 as an adhesive , quartz sand as a filler to prepare water-soluble mandrel materials . The main content includes: ( 1 ) Research PVP solution and the two adhesives MERKA2405 basic performance by infrared spectroscopy , including the apparent viscosity and the period of application of the adhesive , and two adhesive functional group . ( 2) Method for preparing water - soluble mandrel material , the process parameters for the preparation of water - soluble mandrel material were analyzed . The heating temperature , mortar quality ratio , particle size of the quartz sand and quartz sand pretreatment process parameters on the mechanical properties of water - soluble mandrel material . The results show that the PVP and MERKA2405 two kinds of adhesives obtained at about 130 ° C and 140 ° C respectively the mechanical properties of the water - soluble mandrel material best ; mortar mass ratio of 1.6:10 two water-soluble mandrel material bending the best strength and compressive strength ; quartz sand, the smaller the particle size , the better the mechanical properties ; mandrel mechanical properties of materials made ??by the the KH550 pretreatment quartz sand is slightly better than the core made of untreated quartz sand mold material . ( 3 ) To investigate the mechanism of PVP aqueous water - soluble mandrel , water - soluble mandrel materials water-soluble characterization methods and design of water-soluble experimental device . The impact of the the mortar mass ratio , quartz sand particle size , water temperature and water pH and other process parameters and dissolved environment on the solubility of the water-soluble mandrel materials . The results show that the quality of the mortar than the smaller , the greater the particle size of the quartz sand , the better the higher the temperature the water - soluble mandrel materials water-soluble , acidic or alkaline water environment role in promoting the dissolution of the water-soluble mandrel materials . (4) Design a certain specific structural features scaled , the use of water-soluble mandrel material formulations for preparing water - soluble mandrel screened in this article , preparation of composite products using the RTM process to study water-soluble mandrel applicability and its impact on the performance of composite material products .

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