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Igniting and Developing Properties of the Photo-Heat Sensitive Double Microcapsule Materials

Author MengShuangShuang
Tutor LiXiaoWei
School Hebei University
Course Optical Engineering
Keywords photo-heat double sensitive microcapsule photo-curing photo-polymerization initiator developing
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Combined with techniques of photo-curable, microcapsule, heat-sensitive and interface-polymerization method, a novel photo-heat sensitive recording material of non-silver salt is explored in this paper. It has a lot of advantages, such as high-resolution, low-pollution and convenient operation, and provides a new choice for the current era of information fast delivery and diversified exchange. The light track record efficiency determined the practicality of photo-heat microcapsule material. The photo-heat sensitive microcapsule was prepared by interfacial polymerization technique, light signal response efficiency and developing density characteristic of photo-heat double sensitive microcapsule materials which contained by dye precursor and developer microcapsule was investigated, The main research work are as follows:On base of previous study, the tentative plan of photo-heat double sensitive microcapsule materials was provide. The preparation of photo-heat double sensitive microcapsule system was studied. Contrast with the single photo-heat microcapsule, the difference on igniting and developing density was derived. Consult with the UV-visible absorption spectrum of photo-polymerization initiators and ODB-2, D-8, Optimizational material components was identified, on premise of minimizing the thermal dye precursors ODB-2, reagent D-8 light absorption competition with initiator, which for deriving better photo-curing and developing effect.The display characteristics of photo-heat sensitive microcapsule information recording material were determined by photo-curing extent of the inner material, this article related to optical properties of photo-sensitive microcapsule. In this paper the UV-visible absorption spectrum of photo-polymerization initiators (184, TPO, ITX) and developer, dye precursor were acquired, through which the absorption peak had been found. In order to match with the light source excitation wavelength and absorb wider ultraviolet band, combined type of photo-polymerization initiators were employed. Meantime the photo-curing speed and degree can be ameliorated.This article took some analyses on capability of the photo-heat sensitive microcapsule information recording material. By researching the characteristic of photo-heat sensitive microcapsule TG-DTG, found that the microcapsule thermal resolvability can be influenced when UV radiating. This paper investigated the optical response property of photo-heat sensitive microcapsule with different photo-initiators; contrasting the single photo-initiator the corresponding response curves of combined type of photo-polymerization initiators developing density contrast were obvious. Quantitative research on the photo sensitive materials conservation and future experiments the optical fixing technologies were investigated, in order to ameliorate and preserve the recording material provides the necessary guidance.The results of this article may provide a basis gist for the development of digital information recording and replication of high-resolution, multi-color heat\photo heat media material microcapsules.

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