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Seek the Order Reconstruction

Author YuFengHui
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School Suzhou University
Course Chinese Philosophy
Keywords DongZhongshu MoDi Heaven Order reconstruction the theory of human nature
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Year 2011
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Heaven-humanity relationship is the fundamental problem of Chinese philosophy, and“the unity of heaven with humanity”is the Basic concepts of it. The heaven- humanity relationship concept of Chinese philosophy has been emerged religious of the Yin and zhou dynasty,and then the“tian”category is evolution from the Heaven of religious by the Yin and zhou dynasty.According to the Heaven′s core meaning of Dongzi and Mozi,its belong to the religious category, besides,their thoughts belong to different schools,because of these two reasons,their thoughts can be compared. But in the past , most philosophy scholars concentration on comparing of Confucianism and mohism,and few people on comparing of the“Heaven”by the Dongzi and Mozi.Although Dongzi and Mozi belong to the different schools and different ages. But their thoughts of“Heaven”are formed under the same social background and their thoughts are facing the same common cultural orientation: order reconstruction.there is a question of "order reconstruction",because their thoughts of“Heaven”are based on the background they lives ,which is full of killings and unrest. To realize the temporal order reconstruction,it must be made on the basis of the metaphysical.Only in this way can the the order reconstruction be possible.On the other side,Dongzi’s "heaven" means both will and nature.nature.Particularly the will is the heaven’s core meaning,but its character was emerged by the nature.While Mozi’s "heaven’s will"just means will.However,this idea was thought to be the basis of his claims,and people use it to reward the good and punish the evil.The different conception between "heaven" reflected on their opinion of heaven and man,while the key to understand their idea of heaven and man is to grasp their theories of human nature.They have the same idea of human being and same goals which is "surrender the emperor" and "surrender the people",but their methods are totally different:according "lei" and "fu",in order to achieve the reaction between heaven and man Dongzi use the nature heaven as medium.While Mozi doesn’t has such efficient media but directly resort to the belief.By the contrast,obviously we can see the similarities and differences about they two’s heaven caused the distinct destiny in the thought of history.As he succeeded Mozi’s idea of "the will of the heaven",Dongzi united the cosmology and value ontology,achieve the superorganic base of social order which made Confucianism dream of "to get the emperor’s trust to practice their political opinion"came true since Confucius.Mozi’s idea of "to love without distinction" has no manipuility in real society and the reasonable factor was drawed by Confucianism,as a result it was disappeared in history.

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