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Construction Project Construction Progress Control Research

Author LiJi
Tutor PanFeng
School Ocean University of China
Course Project Management
Keywords Project Management Control Theory Assurance measures Planning Schedule adjustments
CLC F284
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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China's economic rapid development since the reform and opening up, constantly improve the living standards of the masses of the people; has long been China's per capita housing area, large population base, making the high housing and other public buildings demand a strong momentum of development of the construction industry. Few years of the 21st century, with the progress of the engineering design and construction technology, the scale of modern construction projects become larger, the construction process has thus become a very complex production activities. Long cycle of construction projects, risk, schedule, quality, and the sum of the cost of management, corporate deliberate pursuit of the acceleration of the project schedule and cost reduction to the expense of the quality of the project in order to pursue the maximum economic benefit. The construction process not only want to invest a lot of labor and machinery and equipment, as well as a lot of the production, transportation, storage and supply of construction building materials products, people, financial, material and other production factors play a coordinated its utility, its difficulty with the growing complexity. The slightest mistake there may be a work slowdown, stoppage thereby affecting the smooth progress of the construction of the whole project. The scientific progress of the project management under the premise of ensuring the quality of construction, so that enterprises in the construction cycle and cost to obtain the best balance of the construction process. Therefore, modern construction project management, control and management of the progress of the project to become an extremely important work. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of projects, project cost and schedule optimization has become a project management success determinants. Therefore, control of the construction progress is particularly important. The papers combined Nanshan nursing home Projects from multiple analysis of the factors that affect the progress of the project, by the progress control theory, principles, methods, and ways to elaborate organizational measures, technical measures, the contract measures, economic measures and information management measures process control, combined with the scene of the specific measures to ensure that the implementation of the schedule. Using project management software, Project management, project network diagram clear logical relationship, computable time parameter advantage combine with intuitive, easy-to-read features of the Gantt chart. Double code network plans on time coordinate, prepare a time scale network, the network diagram reading easier. According to the actual needs of construction management, combined with network planning techniques, the use of powerful computer, to further the development of the new features of the Gantt chart, and make it work more effectively. Established during the period of work, the preparation of the optimal construction schedule regular checks of the actual progress of construction, the construction of the implementation of the plan, and schedule, if the deviation, we analyze the causes and The duration of the degree of influence to identify the necessary adjustment measures to modify the original plan, and so the cycle until the project completion and acceptance. Deviate from the actual and planned progress, analyze the reasons for the deviation of the progress, schedule adjustments, the rational allocation of resources to take effective measures to ensure the realization of the target duration of the project construction. Or conditions to ensure construction quality and does not increase the actual cost of construction, appropriate to shorten the construction period. Qingdao Fucai Nanshan nursing home project, jointly conducted some exploration on how to make progress control work with the construction unit. Summarizes the progress in the control of the research process of building methods, successful experience, pointed out the shortcomings in the management process to propose solutions.

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