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Production of Terephthalic Acid Process Simulation

Author LiuJie
Tutor MaHaiHong
School Tianjin University
Course Chemical processes
Keywords Paraxylene Terephthalic acid Production Process simulation
CLC TQ245.12
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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An important raw material for synthetic polyester fiber , purified terephthalic acid (PTA) general liquid phase air oxidation of p-xylene (PX) are used to generate refined crude terephthalic acid (CTA), and then further hydrogenation . PTA production technology in China mainly imported from foreign patents , technology costs , seriously affecting the PTA product costs and market competitiveness . Basic research in chemical engineering at the same time , accelerate the PTA production process simulation software development , the formation of sets localization significant . The thesis of crude terephthalic acid production section in the simulation study . Each operating unit simulation based on the use of chemical process simulation software to complete the whole process simulation of the production process of CTA . Through the comparison of the simulation results and the actual value , to verify the accuracy and reliability of the simulation . The CTA production process PX liquid phase oxidation , TA multistage crystallization , separation of acetic acid recovery and CTA dry four parts . Wherein the oxidation reactor simulation full Francis process simulation software modules and user-developed dual-stage bubble model , respectively . Two model simulation results are close to the actual value , better predictability of the two-stage bubble model , but the strong dependence of the initial value . Crystalline modules using process simulation software to simulate crystalline unit the material heat balance results and the actual value of the agreement , reasonable particle size distribution the crystallization of software modules lower accuracy than user-developed model , but suitable for large process simulation . Use of process simulation software to simulate the drying unit for solvent recovery and separation . The solvent recovery unit dehydration tower and the entrainer recovery column were selected NRTL-HOC and NRTL-RK model the non-ideality of the gas and liquid phase correction . Filtration and drying machine using a scrubber , the gas-liquid separating entrained solids module replacement . The simulation results are consistent with the actual value , verify the reliability of the model . The above unit to establish the model for the CTA whole production process simulation , the simulation results with the actual operation of the device fits the data , and provides a basis for the design and optimization of the production processes .

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