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Simulation of Fully Thermally Coupled Distillation Column and Its Energy Efficiency

Author YuAiPing
Tutor YuanXiGang
School Tianjin University
Course Chemical Engineering
Keywords Fully thermally coupled distillation tower together GC split ratio Liquid split ratio Intermediate species distribution ratio Distillation Energy
CLC TQ028.31
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In this paper, fully thermally coupled distillation column (also known as Petlyuk tower), the application of chemical process simulation software ASPEN PLUS, the Three Pagodas The simple method of model parameters obtained on the basis of the initial setting completely thermally coupled distillation strictly analog, and through thermally coupled distillation simulation of the whole feed plate position, side draw position, an intermediate component distribution ratio β, vapor and liquid split ratio Rv division ratio Rl and other parameters to be optimized. Articles with pentane - hexane - heptane ternary separation, for example, thermally coupled distillation simulation analysis all the features. The main impact of the research process is fully thermally coupled distillation column for the operational performance of the key factors - Gas division ratio Rv, Rl division ratio of the liquid phase are discussed, the simulation results show that the gas division ratio Rv, liquid split ratio Rl right fully thermally coupled distillation energy utilization and operational characteristics significantly affected. When the fixed Rv (or Rl) for a value, Rl (or Rv) with the full column reboiler lowest load value changes Rv (or Rl) value can find full column reboiler heat load minimum value, that is, fully thermally coupled distillation operation under optimal conditions. Addition, the study of the purity of the product Rv and Rl and operational performance of the tower. Will be fully thermally coupled distillation column used in multi-component materials of the industrial separation processes for carbon triple ethylene, carbon four and C5 separation system, the main components of the feed to the middle of the carbon content of less four, each component equal feed and feed ingredients among four carbon content of more three cases, will be fully thermally coupled distillation column distillation and traditional direct-sequence, the traditional indirect distillation sequences, some of thermally coupled distillation direct sequence, some thermally coupled distillation sequences for energy indirect comparison showed thermally coupled distillation column has a good energy saving effect. When the intermediate component content is higher fully thermally coupled distillation separation as the best energy saving percentage of 15.7%; intermediate species carbon four content is less, equal feed case, part of the thermally coupled distillation separation optimal, energy percentage were 16.8% and 14.1%. These five lines and towers for public works costs and total annual cost analysis, the results show that, due propylene fractionator overhead condenser refrigerant used refrigeration, resulting in total heat coupled distillation column and partially thermally coupled distillation sequences indirect consumption costs more than conventional distillation columns, and some direct sequence thermally coupled distillation most economical.

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