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The Key Technical Research on Healthy Larva Breeding of Haliotis Diversicolor Supertexta

Author DongMaoLi
Tutor SongZhenRong
School Jimei University
Course Aquaculture
Keywords Abalone abalone Gonadal development Bait Plant disease
CLC S968.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Abalone abalone (Haliotis diversicolor supertexta) is an important species of shellfish farming in China's southern waters, but in recent years have been incidents in the southeast coast of the abalone Haliotis the artificial seed mortality, caused Baobao abalone seedlings tremendous shortage seriously affect the development of the factory farming of abalone abalone. For the large number of deaths phenomenon has adopted a variety of control measures, but did not have an obvious effect. Therefore, this study from the gonads mature, palatable food, and disease prevention and treatment of the three aspects of the technical means to solve the problem of a large number of deaths of abalone. Pro abalone gonad gonad ripening, different maturity gonads comparison of histological observation and oxytocin. Photosynthetic bacteria and vitamin E as gonadal ripening additives, Gracilaria Add the photosynthetic bacteria concentration of 150 × 10 -6 (V / V), VE 5 × 10 -6 then feeding pro-Bao, doing compared with the fed Gracilaria group only. From the the gonads appearance and histological observation and comparisons: Add photosynthetic bacteria and VE faster promote pro abalone gonads mature. The slice through visual observation and organizations observe the different periods of gonadal development, determine the gonads mature appearance features. Also found that the gonad development of abalone abalone obviously not synchronized mature, the first development of the gonads by the angular parts, and then continued to the inside and development; their egg development is not synchronized with a follicular cavity found both oogonia cells, developing oocytes and mature oocytes. The phenomenon of the production of artificial oxytocin pro abalone, oxytocin strength make immature cells discharge, so it would be a waste of the pro-Bao gonadal seedling survival rate will be reduced. Mild to moderate shade, water and other oxytocin, so mature sperm and ovum emissions pro abalone can be by the keeper after oxytocin. Oxytocin gonadal growing season late and mature female abalone, contrast egg fertilization rate, hatching rate and larval development, the results show that the gonads are fully mature female abalone spawning sub fertilization rate, hatching rate than gonadal in the growth phase the late to be high. Filtered through a sieve to get the small benthic diatom algae species, expanding culture of small benthic diatoms in the water temperature of 22-26 ℃, fertilization, water changes, and to kill copepods and other day-to-day management for abalone in advance nurture the adequacy and palatability of the bait. Breeding results that favor ahead of cultured diatoms abalone attached adequate food, energy feeding large algae, abalone and then feed conversion can enhance the emergence percentage. This shows that sufficient palatability of bait can guarantee the growth of abalone, improve emergence percentage. Recommended the several pools specially cultured diatoms, to be supplemented abalone pool diatoms shortage, avoid abalone deaths occurred due to food shortages. UV disinfection device installed on the water inlet pipe in the nursery, and the use of ultraviolet disinfection seawater nursery, while disinfecting two nursery ponds add povidone iodine auxiliary, and compared with natural sand filtration of seawater nursery. The results show that the irradiation dose of 300mW · h / L, the UV plays a significant role in the killing of the bacteria in the seawater. A significant difference in improving the emergence percentage compared to the sand filter seawater nursery. It has been that abalone abalone massive death phenomenon is caused due to bacteria, viruses and other pathogens directly, as well as other factors, control bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, disease prevention and control focus. UV can not only kill the bacteria of the bodies of water can kill the virus, should be the first choice for disease prevention and treatment. Ultraviolet disinfection device in Haliotis diversicolor nursery aspects are very rare, and the effect is obvious, is worth promoting. Affect abalone production Bao Jiankang Bao Miaosheng, the factors are many, given the restrictions of the time of this study, I would like to put forward the conclusion of the three. Seed a large number of deaths \Technical measures taken in the test is valid.

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