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Process Optimization for Injection-Compression Molding Based on CAE

Author YangYong
Tutor YuXiaoRong;ShenChangYu
School Zhengzhou University
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords ICM Numerical Simulation Optimization of process parameters Shrinkage Warp Orthogonal test
CLC TQ320.662
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Injection compression molding process is an effective settlement of internal stress products production technology , widely used in the field of production of optical lens , CD-ROM , and μ - level accuracy requirements . Molding process, the set of process parameters determine the flow of the melt in the mold shape and the quality of the final product , and therefore to study the influence of the molding process on the quality of the final product law , forming high-quality products has important significance . Papers on the basis of analysis of the injection-compression molding filling , compression and packing process of forming mechanism , in order to the Warpage amount and volume shrinkage as the evaluation of the quality of the products , application of the Taguchi DOE technical orthogonal experiment , the the combination of orthogonal experiments and numerical simulation to study the injection compression molding process on the quality of the products investigated , the main work of the paper is as follows : ( 1) based on the flow of viscous compressible fluid non-isothermal flow for injection compression molding process , heat transfer mechanisms and characteristics , appropriate simplifications and assumptions , the mathematical model of the process described in injection-compression molding filling, compression and packing . ( 2) for injection compression molding this special molding , two typical plastic optical products CD - ROM and the light guide plate , respectively, from the characteristics of products , the molding requirements , raw materials , and considerations for analysis , and gives some of the mold design and process design criteria. ( 3) on the basis of the numerical simulation of the injection-compression molding process , application of orthogonal experiment of the Taguchi DOE technical planning , quality evaluation as to the amount of warpage and shrinkage products , explore the influence of various molding parameters on the quality of the disc and the light guide plate and to get the best combination of parameters . Derived for the CD - ROM products, the filling time and the compression rate of the main parameters influencing the amount of shrinkage , the switching time and the filling time of the main parameters of the amount of warpage . The main parameters influencing the amount of shrinkage for the light guide plate products, mold temperature, melt temperature and injection speed ; compression force is the most important parameters affecting warpage .

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