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Platinum -based cerium - doped carrier film electrode preparation and electrochemical properties of

Author LiuYanWei
Tutor YangBin
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Materials Physics and Chemistry
Keywords proton exchange membrane met cells cathode catalyst ion beam sputtering electrochemical properties
CLC TM911.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) has attracted significant attention of many developed nations at both research and development for its special property of high energy efficiency, low operation temperature, no corrosion problem, and its prospective applications to serve as clean power generation transportation, space navigation, etc. and china has also attached great importance to this domain. In this paper, carbon fiber cloth as the carrier prepared by proton exchange membrane fuel cell supported catalysts, precious metals platinum by adding rare-earth element cerium oxide cerium compounds ways to promote the formation of platinum, improved redox catalyst performance. Finding a technology method of preparing high-performance proton exchange membrane fuel cell electrode material using ion beam sputtering is the focus of the study of this thesis.This experiment use of the Kunming University of Science and Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenyang Scientific Instrument Development Center jointly developed multi-purpose high vacuum ion beam sputtering and electron beam evaporation device for coating thin film coating the electrode work, it’s one of the most effective methods for make high-performance thin films because this device has a major strong degree of controllability and professional. Thesis systematically examined the thin film electrode design and preparation process, by ion beam sputtering method separately from the temperature, oxygen flow, the target moving distance from the screen pressure, and the beam five different process parameters under the coating at the end of the carbon fiber Burkina platinum electrode cerium-doped films, based on the target combination of design and film in sputtering deposition process happened on the rare earth cerium oxidation control, get a different group of thin-film electrodes,and through the preparation process of thin films have been many studies, access to the catalytic properties of a good film Samples.In this paper, the analytical part of the electrochemical activity are at CHI660A type electrochemical workstation on completed work system using three electrodes on the electrode films were carried out analysis of cyclic voltammetry, linear scanning analysis of chronoamperometry analysis. Through the analysis of electrochemical activity in all electrodes measured the redox properties of thin films of high and low and stable performance. By temperature changes of the thin film electrode to observe the impact of catalytic activity, and measured at 50℃at 12th samples apparent exchange current density of 225mA/cm2, good samples and the performance of linear scan at different speeds analysis of results of electrode reactions are irreversible. After effectiveness experiment on the 12th sample, the electrode keep high activity and high stability after 500 hours continuous operation. In addition, also separately from the temperature, oxygen flow, the target moving distance from the screen pressure, and the beam five different process parameters on the thin film electrode to analyze the impact of catalytic activity. Thin film electrode to draw the main catalytic activity and temperature, the number of cerium-doped cerium oxide and the extent of the number of relevant test results from the chemical properties, the other conditions under the same low-temperature catalytic properties of samples, and an appropriate amount of doped ceria and cerium oxide thin film electrodes can improve the catalytic performance, too much too little will result in the reduction of catalytic activity, cerium and cerium-doped oxides and equipment process parameters is closely related to the various process parameters have a mutual influence between role.

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