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Prepared the Electrode Material and Electrochemical Properties of Lithium-ion Battery

Author YangShuangLei
Tutor DengLingFeng
School Hunan University
Course Materials Science
Keywords Lithium ion battery Positive and negative materials NiO Li4Ti5O12 PTPAn Li4Ti5O12/NiO composite material Electrochemical properties
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Instead of lithium metal, lithium-storage materials were adopted asnegative electrode materials in lithium-ion batteries, the hidden danger andpoor cyclic performance caused by the formation of lithium crystalline hadbeen improved, and the high-voltage merit of lithium batteries wasremained as well. At the same time, the lithium-ion batteries possessedother advantages, such as high energy density, light weight, small volume,long cycle-life, no memory effect, non-pollution benefits etc,so the lithiumion batteries had been developed rapidly during the past few years. Thisthesis concentrated on NiO, Li4Ti5O12 and Li4Ti5O12/NiO compositematerials as anode material of the lithium-ion battery as well as on polytriphenylamine as cathode materials for lithium ion batteries.⑴Introduced the process of preparing transition metal oxidenano-NiO through precipitation and the study on the electrochemicalproperties of transition metal oxide NiO. The results show that NiO’slithium storage mechanism of lithium insertion and removal are differentfrom traditional lithium or lithium alloy formation mechanisms. Therefore,transition metal oxide nano-NiO is a good anode material for lithium ionbatteries.⑵Introduced the process of preparing the Li4Ti5O12 with spinelstructure by solid-phase reaction and the study on the influence of sinteringtemperature and sintering time on the electrochemical performance of theproduct. It thereby enhances the electrochemical properties of the productthat has the great significance to the research on Li4Ti5O12 negativematerials.⑶The Li4Ti5O12/NiO composite materials were studied for the firsttime. It studied on the influence of the NiO additive level on theelectrochemical properties of Li4Ti5O12/NiO composite materials.Experiment results show that,compared with Li4Ti5O12,the compositecapacity and cycle life can be greatly improved when NiO addition is 10%.⑷Lithium-ion battery cathode material PTPAn was successfullysynthesized via the oxidative polymerization method. It also studied on the product PTPAn structure and electrochemical properties through tests andexperiments. Experimental result indicates that, PTPAn as a cathodematerial of lithium-ion battery has a good electrochemical performance;PTPAn also has 101.34mAh/g of the first discharge capacity with fairlystable cycleability.⑸The author summarized the whole dissertation and brought forwardsome suggestions for future research work of negative and anode electrodematerials of lithium ion batteries.

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