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Bandstop filter design based on the ferromagnetic thin film magnetic modulation

Author ZhaoBaoLin
Tutor ShiYu
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Electronic information materials and components
Keywords Filter FeCoB Ferromagnetic resonance Actuator
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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With the international communications , security , military competition increasingly fierce , the requirements of a variety of electronic facilities in extreme climatic conditions . In the microwave band receiver or transmitter with its can easily through the fog, clouds and smoke characteristics , showing the visible and infrared band device incomparable superiority States researchers attention . Currently, broadband microwave communication system in addition to the rear end of the outer filter system can be integrated in a single chip , the volume of the filter group is much larger than the rear end of the entire system . With the extensive application of microwave communication band microwave frequency electromagnetic environment becomes more complex. In order to improve the communication quality of the microwave band , it is necessary for the communication frequency band signal attenuation, the band rejection filter is widely used in this case . The conventional YIG small ball made ??of technical bandstop filter , bulky , difficult to integrate . The purpose of this paper is to study thin film devices compatible with monolithic technology (magnetic tone band-stop filter ) , the the magnetic tone band-stop filter filter stopband center frequency with external DC magnetic field changes and then tuning. Magnetic tune the band rejection filter based on the ferromagnetic resonance principle , the use of a the FeCoB thin film having a high saturation magnetization , plus a small dc magnetic field can work microwave band , to overcome the conventional technique bandstop filter requires a lot of dc magnetic field applied shortcomings. Magnetic tune the design of the band-stop filter this thesis work from three aspects . First , the magnetic tone band-stop filter circuit analysis and structural design . Research, design circuit pattern and mask filter characteristics . Second , actuators, and the research and design of the test platform . Actuator as a magnetic tune an integral part of the bandstop filter , the filter work to provide a dc magnetic field can be adjusted . . Through the above work , the paper design to achieve a work in microwave and millimeter wave band , the center stop-band tunable band-stop filter and test the filter actuator and test platform , master the basic method of magnetic thin film devices for follow-up film device design and lay a good foundation .

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