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Terahertz Gyroklystron amp simulation study

Author WuFeng
Tutor ZuoYang
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Plasma Physics
Keywords Terahertz Gyroklystron S-parameter matrix Note - wave interaction Electronic efficiency
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Terahertz (THz) wave is the frequency in the 0.1-10THz (wavelength of 30-3000μm) range of electromagnetic waves, in the electronics to photonics transition region. Because THz is in a special position of the electromagnetic spectrum, it has many excellent features, has a very important academic value and practical value. Gyroklystron high power amplifier is a new source of coherent millimeter, because of its high power, high efficiency and high gain and has a certain amount of bandwidth advantages, such as high-resolution radar, millimeter-wave electronic warfare, communications, materials handling and high-energy particle accelerators have a wide range of applications, it may develop into a new type of terahertz band high power amplifier. Current international maneuver at high frequency band klystron amplifier research has made great progress, this paper combined with the current trend of international development work under the terahertz-frequency 220GHz Gyroklystron structural and electronic injection system interaction with the standing wave field carried out in-depth and detailed discussion and research. Main work is as follows: 1. Detailed study of the operating frequency of 220GHz, working mode is TE 03 of mutations Gyroklystron resonator structure, application of traveling wave field matching method, the cavity mode function expansion, the use of lateral continuity of electric and magnetic fields are derived mutant cavity field matching equations, numerical solution of equations is obtained for each mode in the cavity at the amplitude and mode of mutation in the mutant at the reflection coefficient, thereby calculate the resonant frequency and the quality factor , and draw vertical cavity field distribution function. Based on the theoretical analysis, the use of C Builder6.0 prepared a resonant cavity frequency field and the various parameters of the calculation program, the program for a variety of mutations in the design and structure of cold cavity resonant frequency and quality factor calculation. In this chapter, through simulation software CST on mutation frequency resonator structure was solved and analyzed to calculate the resonant cavity resonant frequency and quality factor and other physical parameters, but also by drawing cavity S-parameter curves directly reflect the entire cavity physical characteristics, and with the last chapter program to simulate the results were compared to verify the correctness of the program. (2) Details of the current study Gyroklystron theoretical approaches, with a non-self-consistent nonlinear theory (orbital theory) studied the input cavity injection wave interaction situations with self-consistent nonlinear theory explores the output cavity The Note - wave interaction situations. 3 nonlinear theory to study the working frequency of 220GHz, working mode is TE 03 of two and three-cavity gyroklystron cavity of the nonlinear process, and for the corresponding nonlinear analysis. On this basis, the use of C Builder6.0 prepared a corresponding computer program to simulate the nonlinear Gyroklystron Note - wave interaction of the physical image, through a large number of numerical calculations discussed drift tube length, input cavity operating voltage, current, DC magnetic field and cavity size on the electron efficiency and gain influence, gained some valuable reference data, calculated the two chambers and the three chambers Gyroklystron various operating parameters, get the corresponding efficiency, gain and bandwidth for future research laid an important foundation.

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