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Research on Online Measurement Techniques of Optical Encoder

Author LanZiMu
Tutor XiaoSongShan
School Tianjin University
Course Biomedical Engineering
Keywords Optical encoder Moiré fringe Virtual instrument Duty cycle
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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With the development of the cause of industrial automation , optical encoder applications continue to expand, the principle of the new structure of the new technology emerging optical encoder on the market . Line detection in the production process of the optical encoders , the optical encoder analytical instruments is essential , it is related to the control of the quality of the optical encoder , we can analyze the electrical performance of the optical encoder , indispensable in the production and application process . This paper systematically introduces the working principle of the optical encoder , successfully completed the optical encoder electrical performance testing and evaluation instrument system design and application of a series of research work on the basis of a comprehensive and profound understanding of the optical encoder . The instrument provides the linear range of the number of motor revolutions of 150 rev / min to 8000 rev / min , the highest single-channel sampling rate of 1.25 MS / s . The instrument can simultaneously display the waveforms of the three channels , and to achieve a superposition of the channel . The retardation of the incremental optical encoder can be read directly A / B / Z of each channel signal , the amplitude range , the duty ratio of the size, frequency, and phase parameters and its dynamic characteristics , the count of the output pulses of the optical encoder functionality , comprehensive assessment of the electrical properties of the optical encoder . The development work for the production of incremental optical encoder parameter adjustment , performance testing and quality control of high-performance means . Article also through online testing instruments of the electrical characteristics of the optical encoder debug experiment , the impact experiment , high and low speed compared experimental code disc fallout experimental series of experiments , testing the impact of various factors on the performance of an optical encoder , the article also in combination with optical the encoder operating principle , discuss in the manufacturing and application process , what factors have an important influence on the optical encoder performance , the research of this article the manufacture and application of optical encoder is not only of academic interest , but also has significant economic value .

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