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Comment on the Cognition to "Monopolizing" from the Communist Party of China

Author WangDan
Tutor CaiWenJie
School Tianjin University
Course CPC's history
Keywords Monopolize Oppose monopoly Monopolistic competition
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Monopoly is an ancient concept in economics, and is also an economic phenomenon that people pay more attention to in recent years. Because of the restrictions of the ideological form and economic theory, during a very long period after the establishment of the republic, we have always connected monopoly with capitalism together and regarded it as the most basic characteristic of the modern capitalism. Moreover we also give it certain political meaning- molder, plunder, hegemony and so on. We are regarding monopoly as a "dreadful monster", giving vent to our noble righteous indignation against that, attempting to keep it out from the visual field of socialist economy. In fact, after establishment of the republic, due to the highly- concentrated planned economy system we built, administrative monopoly as the main means for the government to manage the economy under the planned economy system had already appeared. Consequently, it made the Communist Party produce two kinds of entirely different attitudes: on the one hand, criticized the capitalist monopoly lavishly; on the other hand, highly praised our home administrative monopoly.After the reform and openness, our country has started the transition from planned economy to market economy, so monopoly as one kind of the inner mechanisms in the process of market economy, has inevitably appeared. However, because of the particularity of the monopoly during the process of the economic transition, the negative side of monopoly gives extremely obvious. Therefore, the critics from the whole society has become unprecedently sever and deep, asking for "opposing completely".In recent years, as the increasing development of the market economy theory and practice, we have already had a more clear recognition of monopoly. That is to say, during the transitional period, we should resolve the problems not only with one "anti-"word, but also stimulating, propping up and boosting it. In another way, we should also consider about the actual growth of market as well as we oppose to monopoly and bring the active role of monopoly into some economies of scale run into the market competition form of the monopolistic competition.A concept referring to both economics and a certain political meaning, monopoly has different meanings in different periods of time. It’s the same that the attitudes of the government and the public. However, People’s Daily, as the official voice of the Communist Party of China, its recognition and development of monopoly not only represents the basic attitude of the party and the government on this issue, but also has an influence on the basic policies of the country on monopoly. Owing to this, the article below will take "People’s Daily" as an angle of view to analyze objectively both the background, causes, functions of monopoly and the corresponding attitude and policies the Communist Party has taken in different periods of time. What’s more, on the basis of these, we’re going to analyze the principle and the counter plan of the current reform in the monopolized field in order to realize the organic unity of preventing monopolistic behavior, protecting fair competition and developing of scale economy, to foster our national economy growing faster.

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