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The Monitoring System of Locomotive Control Circuit Based on FPGA

Author ZuoJunZuo
Tutor MoYiMin
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords Monitoring system Field Programmable Gate Array Circuit logic mirror μc / os II
CLC U269.32
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Locomotive driving safety has become increasingly important in China's railway Sixth Speed ??locomotives run faster, longer range of locomotive running locomotive monitoring technical level to deal with unexpected events and promptly The ability to deal with the way the fault put forward higher requirements. Locomotive electric drive circuit is the the locomotive control of the central nervous system, the stability of the quality of the transmission circuit direct impact on the quality of locomotive operation. And the drive circuit long-term work in the unfavorable environment of high temperature and vibration, the chance of failure. According to statistics, the failure of the circuit system accounts for about 40% of the rate of failure of the locomotive, the difficulty of diagnosis. Development of locomotive dynamic detection and diagnosis system, relying on both wireless and wired communication network, and establish a \motorcycle safety-related equipment is monitored and provide timely, reliable transport organizations and locomotive management command, provide decision support for maintenance and rescue. Applications developed to meet the safety management at all levels of decision-making departments and locomotive management and maintenance departments to achieve the locomotive operational safety monitoring information centralized monitoring, early warning, to provide a comprehensive analysis of security information and decision support, constitute a complete security system of the locomotive running. Failure of the locomotive electric transmission circuit different components description, and as a basis for the analysis of the entire locomotive electric drive circuit. Locomotive monitoring system network structure, the structure of the vehicle system, as well as sampling vehicular status information from the two aspects of the hardware, software, design locomotive monitoring system. Hardware design details NIOS Ⅱ generation of hardware systems, including the SDRAM controller, PIO controllers and circuit logic mirror design. The same time the external hardware circuit design and the corresponding IP core. In software design, embedded operating system μc / os Ⅱ system software framework, discusses the software design of the locomotive function of state control as a basis, describe the extension software: user interface, GPRS wireless transmission, and LCD driver design and Implementation. Locomotive electric drive circuit and driving state monitoring system as the research object, the main achievement of the following three functions: 1. Quickly and accurately detect and diagnosis of the locomotive electric transmission circuit failure, and navigate to the component level. 2, to provide early warning information for non-normal locomotive traveling, convenient scheduling personnel on the ground tracking. 3. Detecting locomotive traffic information and its transmission, is stored to the information center.

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