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Coupled Bending and Torsion Analysis of Skew Combined Structure Considering Grounds Deformation

Author DongBaoFeng
Tutor HuQiPing
School Hebei University of Engineering
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords skew combined structure foundaiton deformation bending and torsion coupling Hamiltonian theory precise integration method
CLC TU470.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With them development of China’s high-rise building, structure becomes increasingly complex,there has been such as: skew combined structure,siamese architecture,multi-tower structure,and split-level structures.in this paper refers to its anti-structural elements such as the frame,shear wall,thin-walled tube layout of the structure when the angle between them at between 15 ~75.In this paper,a new foundation to consider when the foundation deformation of structural cooperative analysis,second-order effect analysis,the overall stability analysis of simplified calculation methods.Application of the floor continuous along the height of the method,frame,shear wall,thin-walled elements such as stacked vertically on lateral load resistance of the thin-walled beams, taking into account the bending deformation,shear deformation,torsion deformation, and that the foundation,as the Lateral force unit at the bottom of a horizontal displacement and vertical rotation of the elastic support in order to build computing model.In the upper structure of the study,a great number of practical projects for the existence of L-shaped,T-shaped component and other two components, in order to consider the impact of torsion deformation,this paper introduces the theory of second warp. At the same time in order to consider the vertical load produced by the bending deformation,shear deformation and torsional deformation,the introduction of the concept of equivalent load:in the foundation model of choice in order to simplify the calculation and the results are more reasonable and the use of a mixed foundation model,For the high-rise building structures commonly used in box foundtion, which taking into account the depth of high-rise building large,complex projects such as foundation soil constitutes useing the semi-infinite elastic foundation model,for the pile foundation,the foundation around the pile soil using Winkler foundation model:makes the calculations more reasonable,practical.Based on the Hamiltonian theory,by introducing the dual variables,considering the foundation deformation of the structure of solution system from the Lagrangian system Hamiltonian system,and derived the Hamiltonian equations of the dual, and then using the precise integration method at both ends of Boundary. through the Matlab computer program to solve the structure of the preparation of the state vector. Finally An example is the calculation with the finite element Etabs analysis and comparative data ,which were taken into account deformation foundation cooperative analysis,second-order analysis, and overall stability of the impact of some conclusions. The whole process with a clear concept ,physical meaning and high precision .For the study of such works to provide a new method has a certain reference value to the project.

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