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A Comparative Study on Pile-Dwelling of Dai Nationality and Other Nationalities in Yunnan Province

Author LiuYuXian
Tutor TangWen
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Chinese Ethnic Art
Keywords Pile-Dwelling Dai Comparison
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Pile-Dwelling is an ancient form of residential areas is still widely distributed in the southwest region of China, ethnic minorities in Yunnan, there are many people’s residences for the Pile-Dwelling, because each nation’s natural conditions and socio-cultural differences makes the Pile-Dwelling showing a wide range of morphological features. Dai bamboo house of which the most unique not only because it has a unique architectural styles, and also includes a deep culture, experienced social and economic development and changes, until today still has a strong vitality. Yunnan Minority residential buildings for the Pile-Dwelling for the Wa, De’ang, Bulang,Jingpo, Lisu, Lahu, and Zhuang, these peoples Pile-Dwelling also has its own featuresPile-Dwelling as a traditional architectural forms, ranging from topography to adapt to, save farmland, meet the hot climatic conditions, the use of local materials, and attention to ecological protection and other fields reflect the harmonious coexistence with the surrounding natural environment. characteristics of these advantages in its possession determines its strong vitality. Pile-Dwelling that we can draw on these benefits were applied to modern architecture.In this paper, from a historical perspective to verify the origin of Pile-Dwelling and development, and then from the ethnic minority areas in Yunnan Pile-Dwelling the unique natural conditions and historical and cultural background of departure, focusing on induction of Yunnan Pile-Dwelling the nation Pile-Dwelling with their respective characteristics; and then Dai people in Yunnan and other selected residential areas stem from the plane elements and characteristics of building processes and rituals, architectural decoration and so on a comparative analysis to obtain a summary of its features; and finally, in anticipation of residential development in Yunnan, Pile-Dwelling and also To increase their protection, and only in the protection of a good can be better on the basis of inheritance and development of residential areas through the Pile-Dwelling of traditional architectural forms of this research, summed up the modern architectural design inspiration.The continuity of culture, determined that we in the development of residential areas must also do Pile-Dwelling for their protection, because only in the protection of the basis will be able to develop better and inheritance. This is what I did in the other ethnic Dai in Yunnan Pile-Dwelling where the purpose of comparison.

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