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The Study of Campus Injure between School and Teenagers

Author YangLingFeng
Tutor XieZuo
School Shandong University
Course Legal
Keywords Guardianship agency Principle of fault liability Campus Safety Management System
CLC D922.16
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Civil law countries, the Civil Code provides that \guardian. \guardian. And that the school embodies the modern guardianship guardianship social security nature of the state and social care as a form of protection of minors. But we can not as a basis for that minors should always get custody. In China, primary and secondary schools are underage highly concentrated, but also minors of the students living and studying in the main garden. Education and teaching facilities, food hygiene safety conditions, as well as the rules and regulations of the school, teachers as well as their quality and responsibility to defend the school system, school surrounding natural environment, social environment are all related to the minor's physical and mental safety and health. Furthermore, since minors are not yet mature physically and mentally, their cognitive capacity is limited, the campus is also very prone to injury. Especially in recent years, with the escalation of violence on campus, the campus is endless injuries, caused by the school and juvenile court cases students are high, to the school to the family also brought great harm and impact. Campus injury is not accidental events, different countries, different regions have higher incidence, such as the United States. Different countries and regions have for their own national circumstances make the appropriate decisions to reduce the occurrence of harmful events on campus, such as civil law in many countries, schools and students will be positioned as a special power relationship between school students hurt Events for fault liability regime. Country belongs to civil law countries, in dealing with the relationship between the two are similar, but can not copy the pattern in other countries. Young students are the future and hope that their physical and mental health, related to the social aspects of running surface, in order to create a healthy environment is everyone's responsibility in our society. Campus Security Act as soon as possible and with the support of the system, law school, maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of schools and students, is a priority. For schools and students caused minor controversy litigation, how to define the relationship between the two, a clear responsibility of the school to establish a harmonious, safe campus will become a priority. In this paper, as a title, the school and the students elaborated the legal relationship between the two, clearly the school's status and responsibilities. And for this area of ??the lack of legislation put forward legislative proposals and reforms effective measures to guarantee the safety of minor students, to protect the legitimate interests of the school. While strengthening the links between schools and the public security organs, the school security personnel into the people's police series, implemented by the schools and the public security organs of the dual leadership system, the public security organs carried out under the supervision of their enforcement activities to protect the safety of the campus. Completely from the source to eliminate harmful events on campus now mainstream - school violence. Thereby building a civilized, harmonious and safe campus. The first part and the second part of the contents of problem analysis and elaboration. Discusses the campus event occurs in litigation disputes, and articulates the relationship between the two, for the treatment of injuries made basis. The third and the fourth part is mainly explained the reasons for injuries caused by the campus as well as a range of schools and forms of responsibility. The fifth part of the legislative proposals put forward to solve the problem and education reform measures.

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