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Yunnan Mosques Architecture and Cultural Research

Author YuMuZuo
Tutor YangDaYu
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords Yunnan mosque construction and cultural The inheritance with blends development
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The paper is on the Yunnan Province social development project application fundamental plane which Teacher Professor Yang Da Yu manages the project "the Yunnan nationality constructs the technique and the cultural gene research" (project number 007E.088M) the part research content. Mainly aims at the Hui tribe mosque in Yunnan different place remaining with the characteristic, makes a system’s analysis and the summary, grasps its construction technique characteristic by the time, to inherit and develop the nationality well to construct the cultural multiplicity, provides the related material and the proof.In Yunnan, Hui tribe society 700 remaining years of life’s changing constantly, the mosque along with the Hui tribe community politics, the economical, the population, prosperity and decline the culture and education various aspect’s increases and decreases, but it with blends the function in the entire national history culture advancement’s inheritance, actually throughout has not changed. The mosque has in fact become the only symbol which and the symbol the city and countryside Hui tribe community exists. Therefore, no matter the past, the present or the future, the mosque will be throughout concerns to the Hui tribe Muslim society culture lasts the wing celtis changes "the Nerve center", is storing up the Hui tribe society history culture "the genetic code", is the observational study Hui tribe society’s key.Says from the cultural anthropology angle, the Hui tribe is result of the Islamism China localilzation. The mosque is acting "the inheritance throughout in the localilzation process with blends" the dual society culture function. The inheritance namely with continues to Hui tribe ancients load bearing’s Islam culture’s spreading, to blend is carries on the Islam culture and the Chinese main body culture--Confucianist culture full and the aware conformity, thus causes to be in a situation in neterogeny culture atmosphere Hui tribe Muslim to be able to survive in the Chinese society. Studies the Yunnan mosque the evolution, for this reason has provided may the capital raise according to the typical case.This article first to the Chinese Islamism and the mosque construction culture’s history, the development carries on combs briefly with discusses, then analyzed the Yunnan mosque construction to have the development historical humanities background and the Yunnan mosque special function. Next, carries on system’s induction and the analysis to the Yunnan mosque’s building technology and the decoration technique characteristic, and has the scale to the province in and has the representative mosque construction to conduct the example analytical study, from its aspects and so on historical evolution, selected location, layout, spatial shape, building decoration technique makes the detailed elaboration separately. Finally, in the front three parts of analyses, in the research foundations, proposed the mosque protection significance lies in its historical value and the religious value, and pointed out that the mosque architectural design the direction and the development path, profit from our country tradition the construction essence and the overseas experience, enhances strong points and avoids weaknesses, achieves mastery through a comprehensive study, takes road of the innovation characteristic, brings honor to the nationality to construct the culture.

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