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New rural construction in the village streets and alleys landscape transformation

Author WangJunKui
Tutor YuMin
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords The new rural construction village streets and alleys Landscape transformation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The construction of rural environment is the necessary means of improving people’s living environment in rural areas,is the core of the new rural construction,is also the only way to benefit all-round development in rural areas.The landscape transformation of the rural streets and alleys is an important content of the construction of rural environment.To enhance the landscape transformation of the rural streets and the alleys is of great significance to achieve the goal of building a new socialist countryside,to enhance the living environment and social civilization in rural areas. The significance also is the reason that this article take the village streets and alleys landscape transformation as the object of study.In accordance with the epochal requirements of building new socialist countryside, according to the scientific development concept as a guide,taking advantage of interdisciplinary cross-research methods, such as artistic design, aesthetics, landscape architecture, environmental planning, psychology, environmental and behavioral science, ecology, sociology and the basically knowledge and specialized theory in the related fields,making use of transforming the landscape village streets and alleys as an entry point, analysing the current status of the rural villages, streets and alleys landscape,concluding and summarizing the experiences and lessons of building the new model village in rural villages, streets and alleys landscape transformation of Nangyang City.Focusing on the proposition of transforming the landscape of the village streets and alleys,the article detailed sets forth the principles and requirements of the villages, streets and alleys landscape transformation, and ultimately seeks suitable method conforming to local characteristics of the village streets and alleys landscape transformation.Visiting and surveying the building of the new model village landscape construction in Nangyang City,and investigating and researching Xiangfan City, Hubei Province, and Anqing City in Anhui Province,the author collected and collated a large number of first-hand information in order to reflect the experience and status quo in the building of new countryside around the village landscape transformation as comprehensively as possible, and analyzed and compared the methods and concepts of landscape around the village reconstruction. On these basis, sums up the six principles of new village steets and alleys landscape transformation,that is, planning in advance, the natural ecology, functional diversity, integrity, economic benefits, suit measures to local conditions.Meanwhile the author focused on analyzing the methods of new landscape transformation of the rural villages, streets and alleys methods, and specificly analyzed three patterns of the landscape from the point, line, surface morphology one by one,and combined with the actual situation of Nanyang City, summed up the local suitable method of landscape transformation, namely:highlight the functional significance and the general features of the environment, and seize the landscape transformation of the node in the requirement of "the form of simple, colors of quietly eleqant"; make suitable measures to local conditions, highlight the linear characteristics of the landscape transformation of the village; maintenance natural environment of villages, categories. implementation of the landscape transformation of appearance of streets and alleys.According to the research, analysis, comparison and conclusion of different types of village landscape, on the course of transformating street landscape, people should grasp the different concepts of transformation, avoid the "one size fits" approach in the practical work, and strive to create the distinctive landscape of village streets and alleys.

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