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Study on Characteristics of Ancient Traditional Storied Building in Yunnan

Author GongWenBin
Tutor YangDaYu
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Architectural History and Theory
Keywords Yunnan the architecture of ancient storied building the type of form skill characteristics
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Storied building is one of the important types of Chinese ancient architecture. It embodies the unique charm of traditional architecture. Mingled with people’ psychological and spiritual sustenance storied building has always been the visual center of the entire architecture environment for its features and height. Its structure represents the highest level of that time. For a long period of time there existed more and more theories and achievements concerning to storied building. However, research on Yunnan storied building is scare, for relevant studies only target at individual single buildings, which lack the systematic research on history development, the type of form and characteristics of Yunnan storied building.The topic of this dissertation is the ancient traditional storied building in Yunnan. In order to get a comprehensive understanding on the architecture type, form, structure and regional art features of storied building in Yunnan, taking spatial pattern and architectural skill as the breakthrough point, this dissertation systematically analyzes the existing storied building from different respects and levels on architectural development and, cultural features on the basis of relevant historical documents and field survey and mapping and under the guidance of the theories of architecture and typology.Plentiful types of storied building in Yunnan are wildly used in town and village. Storied building in Yunnan originated from Chinese traditional wood-made system. On the one hand, the storied building in Yunnan is deeply affected by traditional architectural skill from central plain in China which keeps the official architecture style; on the other hand, as located in borderland, combined with local architectural skill the storied building in Yunnan generates many local characteristics with nationality and locality.In the development of history, storied building in Yunnan has been affected and restricted by many factors such as politics, economics, culture, natural environment and local architectural materials, etc. In communicating with different cultures, storied building in Yunnan chooses and incorporates with different national culture, religious culture and architectural culture, which embodies the result of cultural blend. Storied building in Yunnan is also an art carrier, which carries rich historical information and skill information. It has important historical value, art value and skill value.

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