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The Ming and Qing Dynasties Huizhou Constructs Artistic Feature

Author ChenPeiBo
Tutor ZhouZhiYuan
School Anhui University
Course Historical Philology
Keywords Ming and Qing Dynasties Huizhou chitectural Art Characteristic
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Huizhou, located at the Xin’an river upstream, the ancient name Xinan, is situated at south Anhui Province, with Zhejiang, Jiangxi two province borders. The Ming and Qing Dynasties time anhui merchants dominate an area Chinese business circle for more than 300 years, had "does not have the emblem inadequate town", "the anhui merchants to be omnipresent" saying. Is honored as "the emblem camel" the spiritual Huizhou person, on this ancient land, they in each cultural domain, has achieved nearly the amazing achievement. Huizhou constructs, one of Chinese historic building most important schools, from becomes a traditional local construction system, melts classically elegant, succinct and splendidly in a body, its artistic feature mainly manifests in the village common people residence, the ancestral temple, the memorial arch, has the bright region characteristic. It already conforms to "Huizhou’s construction which" in the geography significance limits, also covers in the cultural implication to present the Confucianist ethics ethical spirit style "the emblem wind" the construction. This article is for the purpose of from the chitectural art characteristic significance, many aspect’s historical phenomena does to the Huizhou chitectural art in combs briefly and describes, constructs the amateur for Huizhou to provide the guidance function, arouses the masses traditional culture consciousness, carries forward the Huizhou culture, also has the vital practical significance to China traditional culture’s revival. Simultaneously also lets us for the protection, inherit, the development, use this world culture inheritance, the creation society advanced culture makes diligently. This article pays great attention to the Huizhou chitectural art characteristic whole research innovation:Myself believed that at present the research which constructs about Huizhou has obtained the rich fruit in the academic circle, but still had certain development space, in the near future the scholar expert will be constructs some or several elements to Huizhou conducts the research, For instance only studies the historical origin which Huizhou constructs, or only studies the cultural inside story which or the humane spirit Huizhou constructs; Also has studies the decorative art which Huizhou constructs uses, for example "three vultures" art, they had the unique opinion to these research, the research results have also achieved the quite high level. Myself embark from the integrity, constructs the historical origin which from the feudalism patriarchal system to Huizhou the influence to Huizhou forms; Studies the ancient common people residence village, the ancestral temple, the memorial arch, the gable, the truss, the door, the natural lighting and draining water and so on; Subsequently arrives at Huizhou to decorate three carves art, and Huizhou construction art artistic features and so on environment drainage opening, botanical garden, bonsai, finally several typical construction schools does with the Chinese historic building in compares, like north the central courtyard, the North Shanxi cave dwelling and the Fujian earth building, discovers the artistic feature which through the comparison Huizhou constructs has, thus strengthens place which of the innovation myself study, myself use the first material is relatively sufficient, the value historical document material, is the comprehensive union architecture, esthetics, the decorative art, the man-machine engineering and so on other disciplines carries on the analysis comparison, this is the innovation spot which this article selects a topic, myself also hoped that can have the breakthrough innovation in this, forms own characteristic.

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