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The Research on Quantum Teleportation of Quantum Communication

Author YeJun
Tutor LiuYu
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Communication and Information System
Keywords Quantum Information Quantum Teleportation Quantum Key Distribution Quantum Secure Direct Communication Quantum Identity Authentication
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Quantum communications introduce the laws in quantum mechanics to the traditional communication technology. Due to that, the security of quantum communications is guaranteed by the basic principles in quantum mechanics, such as the no-cloning principle for an unknown state, the no-recognizing attribute of non-orthogonal quantum states, the fact that measurement to the quantum state disturbs the whole system, which help realizing the absolute security in communication.Quantum teleportation is known as one of the most distinguishing researching progresses in the field of quantum information, also one of the most attractive directions in quantum communications. It plays an important role in the area of quantum computation and quantum communications.Based on the current researching status of quantum teleportation and the study of various quantum teleportation Schemes, the article synthesizes the existing multiple-particle quantum teleportation schemes and controlled quantum teleportation schemes and presents a relatively simpler and more generalized scheme, the arbitrary M controlled arbitrary N-particle quantum teleportation schemes realized by using (N-1) EPR ( Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen ) entanglement pairs and one (M+2)-particle GHZ (Greenberge-Horme-Zeilinger)state, with only Bell basis joint measurements and single particle unitary operations.Then, based on the researches of various existing quantum secure direct communication schemes, according to the arbitrary M-Controlled arbitrary N-particle quantum teleportation schemes and dense coding principle, the article presents a new quantum secure direct communication scheme. The simulations and analysis by quantum computation language proves that the scheme is correct, secure and high-effective. The scheme can be utilized in quantum communication networks and the amount of controlling sides is flexibly decided according to the network status. This makes convenient for the forming and extending of the entanglement distribution are extended accordingly, which realizes the longer distance of quantum communication.At last, focused on the problem that most current quantum communication schemes fail to prevent“Fake identity attacks”and“man-in-the-middle attacks”, based on the researches of existing quantum authentication schemes, using entanglement swapping, the article presents a complete quantum authentication schemes in quantum networks, which is also simulated and analyzed by quantum computation language. The most advantage of this scheme is that different from the point-to-point quantum authentication schemes, our new quantum authentication schemes can be used to construct the quantum authentication system in the quantum network, which possesses a value for the future quantum network construction.

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