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Insurance Agents Recruitment Research Based on Holland’s Vocational Personality Theory

Author ShiYanBin
Tutor SunWeiMin
School Shandong University
Course Business Administration
Keywords Vocational personality traits Insurance agents Recruitment test
CLC F842.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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China's insurance industry is known as the sunrise industry of the 21st century, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, growing awareness of the insured, the insurance industry in China has entered a period of rapid development. The development of the insurance industry can not do without the hard work of insurance agents, they have made outstanding contributions to the growth of the insurance companies. However, insurance businesses, insurance agent turnover rate has always been high, recruit a number of crop insurance companies have been repeating the same work, the insurance companies end up spending a huge human, financial and material resources shortage of outstanding insurance agent also become an important factor to hinder the rapid development of the insurance company. This article is from the to improve insurance agent recruitment success rate of the angle to consider better incentive systems Ping An Group insurance agent is selected as the research object, using Holland vocational personality theory on the basis of the theoretical analysis of the various personality traits, the use of the Chinese Academy of Sciences developed the Occupational Personality self-test questionnaire survey, China Ping An Insurance Jinan Branch 30 outstanding insurance agents and 60 primary insurance agents; analysis by five months of tracking, the test agent points excellent group, the normal group, leaving three teams comparative analysis, looking for outstanding insurance agents a unique career personality characteristics. The data analysis showed that the outstanding group of insurance agents and turnover, in reality, research-type average score significantly higher and less on the average score of the enterprise; outstanding group compared with the general group, in reality type The average score is low, research, artistic type, business type, traditional type on the score high social type score less. On this basis, identify the unique career insurance agent personality characteristics, were screened on the original questionnaire topics, recruitment test designed to measure only two personality traits of reality and social, reliability, validity and project analysis, making it reliable and effective. This study is the first time the use of the Holland Personality Theory insurance agents vocational personality analysis, insurance agents are divided into the elite group, ordinary group and separations groups can highlight the outstanding insurance agents career personality characteristics, has strong theoretical practical significance. In this study, through the analysis of the the insurance agent vocational personality traits and agents test subject preparation, China Ping An Insurance Jinan Branch and other domestic and foreign insurance companies to provide the ideas and methods of a new agent recruitment, Holland vocational personality theory in human resources management - recruitment of specific applications, is an extension of the theory of the Holland vocational personality traits for the Holland Personality recruitment to lay a solid theoretical foundation.

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