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Study on Hard Turning Process of the Stellite Alloy Welding Roll

Author LiChongZhi
Tutor LiGuoLong;JiaTao
School Chongqing University
Course Mechanical Engineering
Keywords Stellite Hardface roll PCBN Tool Cutting force Hard turning
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The rolling line equipment roll wrapper rolls , pinch rolls and other major losses parts widely used Stellite alloy ( stellite ) surfacing roll . Stellite welding roller is a high hardness, strength and toughness, low heat dissipation difficult to machine materials , the traditional processing technology : roughing → ??testing → ??→ grinding semi-refined car , not only the quality of the workpiece high production efficiency low energy consumption . In view of this situation , the paper explores Stellite surfacing roll processing of green manufacturing process - hard turning , has some theoretical significance and important practical value . Stellite welding roller microstructure analysis , results show that the Stellite alloy solder layer internal structure of austenitic delta ferrite eutectic structure , welding to form a complex of WC , W2C hard quality make this solder layer has a strong wear resistance and high - temperature red hardness . Secondly, it analyzes the characteristics of Stellite alloy surfacing roll hard cutting , demonstrated the feasibility of Stellite alloy surfacing roll hard turning , on this basis, to establish the new cutting Stellite welding roller processes. Again, comparative analysis of the carbide coating technology , ceramic , polycrystalline cubic boron nitride ( PCBN ) cutting tool materials , determine PCBN cutting tools for coarse and fine cars stellite surfacing roll . Then, PCBN cutting tools CA6140 frequency control lathe Stellite welding roller carried out a series of cutting forces , the experimental results for the choice of PCBN cutting tools and cutting edge preparation cutting parameters , cutting process control a theoretical basis for guiding the production practice has important reference value . Finally, the characteristics of hard cutting , to determine suitable Stellite welding roller roughing tool , designed a special finish turning tool and and developed cutting parameters , and on-site machining verification .

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