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Mechanical Character and Experimental Research on Shear Lag Effect in Cantilevered Composite Box-girder with Corrugated Webs

Author JiLiDong
Tutor AiJun
School Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course Road and Railway Engineering
Keywords Cantilever Corrugated Steel Webs Composite Box Girder Shear Lag Effect Negative Shear Lag Effect Model test Finite Element Analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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This new corrugated steel webs box girder bridge structure is based on reducing the web thickness , thereby reducing the weight box girder to reduce the amount of prestressing tendons this line of thought . After nearly two decades of development , the combination box girder with corrugated steel webs made ??some research , and has completed a number of practical engineering , but many issues have not been resolved completely , and even a lot of research has not yet commenced . This article relying Science Foundation project , launched a pilot study box girder cantilever waveform webs , mainly to complete the following work : Corrugated Steel Webs cantilever box girder in the elastic stage symmetrical eccentric loading model test, verify that the cross-section of abdominal the board comply with the proposed plane section assumes that the strain along the height distribution , and analysis of its curved scissors effect . For Cantilever waveform web shear lag effect research , according to box girder longitudinal displacement function , calculated by the shear lag warping function method , based on the energy variational method based on the principle of minimum potential energy to obtain differential equations with boundary conditions . Variable cross-section cantilever box girder differential equations , differential equations and boundary conditions etc. Box Section evolved . The derived the cantilever waveform Box Girder shear lag effect of uniform cross section , variable cross-section formula . Test , finite element and theoretical analysis of the data shows that the three results are in good agreement . On this basis , summarizes the changes in the cantilever Corrugated Steel Webs shear lag effect , and analysis of the major influencing factors , and to provide a reference for the calculation of shear lag effect for about cantilever Corrugated Steel Webs . 4 theoretical change No. phenomenon appears due to shear lag due to additional bending moment along the span direction , leading to negative shear lag effect appear uniform loads . But the cantilever negative shear lag effect area with flat webs differ , and analysis of the negative shear lag effect along the vertical distribution law .

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