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Brief Analysis of the Sourse and Implementation of Architecture Creativity Theme Park

Author ChengRan
Tutor HaoChiBiao
School Qingdao Technological University
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords Creativity Theme Park Theme Building Contradictions and metaphysical Imitation and interpreter Metaphor
CLC TU986.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Creativity has long been considered unlikely to be fully defined, but for creative research and exploration have never stopped. Many researchers have proposed an exciting and innovative concept, but almost no scholars in the construction sector in the creativity of the building been clearly spelled out. In order to reveal the source of architectural creativity, the subject of the sources for the construction and implementation of creative ways to in-depth study. Is imagination in order to create a process that exists in the world. As a process, creativity is actually the ultimate goal. It can be considered all the things that will appear unfettered activities, the place itself is indefinable. The basic meaning of creativity in reality on the basis of the highest level of generalization. Creativity in the architectural design process largely depends on the creativity of the original balance between a prerequisite. This means building initiative and creativity by designer architectural theme required the double impact. Theme Park is a new type of building construction, on behalf of the rapid development of the productive forces under the new architectural concept, with strong experimental. Because of the theme park business model needs to get rid of part of the building which features and construction funds shackles full building at all levels of creativity; theme restrictions also makes the creative direction is clear, easy to analyze and understand. Therefore, the subject selected the theme park architecture, for example, research creativity in architectural design process the origin, development and implementation. Hope this breakthrough, so as to provide a powerful interpretation of architectural creativity proof. This topic was constructed from the following two aspects of architectural creativity theoretical framework: (1) full-theoretical generalization of building an inclusive source of creativity. The original concept of cognition and integrate diverse modern, integrated into the architectural designs and become a source of architectural creation theme. Contradictions and metaphysical uncertainty of these two concepts, and creativity in the fields of philosophy, have unusual position. They complement each other, leading to architectural creativity is an important way, a potential advantage for creativity. (2) to the theme park architectural creation, for example, On the architectural creativity method, and then explore the theme of creativity in the performance of the role. Since the theme of the performance needs of almost all architectural theme parks are invariably used metaphors. It can be said, the theme park analogy is the main way to achieve architectural creativity. Imitation, literal and metaphorical theme park construction provides the implementation process of the main creative design tools.

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