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The Design of Three Screw Pump and Research of Rotors’ Profile Lines Optimization

Author ZengMin
Tutor TangZuo;WangMeiCheng
School Chongqing University
Course Mechanical Engineering
Keywords Three screw pump Virtual Modeling Finite Element Analysis Type line optimization
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Three screw pump is a positive displacement pump of a high technological content. Three screw pumps because of its reasonable structure, energy saving and environmental protection, the torque ripple transport medium viscosity adapt to a wide range of transport flow, steady, reliable, long life and other significant advantages, while widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding and other fields, more and more attention. Three screw pumps are high precision mechanical products, its design and manufacture of precision is very sensitive to three screw pump design and processing difficulties, our study of the three screw pumps just to stay in the primary level of surveying and mapping processing designed and produced movement imbalance exists, power loss, wear, and low life expectancy, hinders the development and promotion of the application of the three screw pumps. Three screw pump design, by force, as well as the rotor-type line optimization studies, the rich screw pump design theory and technology to promote the wide application of the screw pump, economic importance and scientific significance. On the basis of analysis of the transmission principle and structure of three screw pumps, three screw pump screw rotor profile design requirements and design methods to derive the mathematical equations of the screw rotor profile, established in the three-dimensional design software three screw pump three-dimensional solid model, virtual assembly and interference checking, creating a digital prototype of the mechanical characteristics of the three screw pump screw rotor, the application of the finite element method, the main numerical simulation from the screw the stress distribution, and analysis of screw the rotor tooth tips correction method, application involute line of main, from the screw of the addendum optimized solve the problem of the screw rotor addendum modification exist. The main contents of this paper are as follows: ① analyzed three screw pump drive principle and its structural features, three screw pump should meet four types of sealing conditions ② three screw pump screw rotor profile design requirements, analysis of screw Rotor design method, derived the main, the tooth curve from the end face of the screw, the establishment of the three-dimensional solid model of the three screw pump parts, virtual assembly and interference checking, forming a virtual prototype. ③ three screw pump screw rotor force, the establishment of a master, from three-dimensional finite element analysis model of the screw, the application of the finite element method, a numerical simulation of the main screw stress distribution. ④ Analysis the three screw screw rotor tip correction method as well as a problem of application to the master, the involute tooth top, from the screw to optimize the optimization curves derived mathematical equations, to improve the processing of the screw and the force situation.

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