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Research on Test & Evaluation System for Needle-free Injector

Author JiaoKun
Tutor ZhaoYingJun
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Needleless syringe Virtual instrument LabVIEW Data acquisition
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Needle-free injection as a new approach to percutaneous administration , injection traditional acupuncture drugs , compared to show its more attractive features , such as painless injection drug absorption rate, simple operation, no cross-infection I believe that with the jet theory and needle-free injection technology further mature and improve , needle-free injection will replace the traditional injection has become a universal drug injection . In order to promote the development and popularization of needle-free injection technology , a syringe without a needle to trigger use jet injection characteristics of the test evaluation is becoming increasingly important . Test can evaluate feedback syringe structural design optimization results and improve the overall performance of the syringe without a needle on the one hand ; the other hand, through the testing and evaluation of the syringe without a needle jet injection characteristics , will help ensure the quality and the establishment of the syringe without a needle syringe without a needle users' reputations, thus speeding up the needle-free injection technology to the public . Syringe without a needle mathematical model simulation analysis, the proposed syringe performance test methods and test system model ; conducted a test system in a test system based on the analysis of the model simulation , sensor and data acquisition card selection , the sensor is designed conditioning circuit, to complete the electronic structure part of the design of the test system ; for the diversity of the needleless syringe sizes , while taking into account the ease and convenience of the test operation , the mechanical structure of the testing system portion is designed to solve the parts of the installation of the entire test system ; using LabVIEW graphical programming language designed test system software part , and signal generator standard signal test system acquisition program and analysis show program . Finally, build a good no needle syringe test evaluation system easyJet syringe without a needle and independent design and manufacture of needle-free syringe trigger force test experimental jet impact experiments for various internal parameters of the syringe without a needle , evaluation of different parameters on the non- needle - syringe jet injector characteristics . The experiments show that the test system can trigger force jet impact test , and completed by the analysis of experimental data processing , testing and evaluation of the performance of existing syringe without a needle injection syringe without a needle .

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