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The Research on Sports Teaching Situation in Neihuang County Elementary School of Henan Province

Author HanYanPeng
Tutor WangYanBei
School Henan Normal
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords Neihuang County Elementary School Sports Teaching Situation
CLC G623.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The teaching of school sports is an important component of implement state education and the foundation of Chinese sports career and overall fitness. As an important part of school education, school sports with moral, intellectual together, also has the responsibility to countries all aspects of cultivating talents an important mission. The school sports is the foundation of social sports and competition sports, the Chinese sports career as a development of China strategic key construction of spiritual civilization, with powerful function. The school sports can cultivate students’ pioneering spirit, and the sense of competition, and tenacious character; and help students to edify sentiment, cultivate collectivism spirit; help teenagers sets up the correct world outlook, the outlook on life and values, promoting the all-round development of students, they have the very vital significance to improve the overall quality of our citizens . Therefore, every sports teachers’duties are have the elementary school sports teaching status in-depth understanding, education reform and dedicated to sports education implementation.This paper adopts literature data method, questionnaire investigation, observation, logic analysis and mathematical statistics and other methods to research the elementary school sports teaching status of NaHuangXian in Henan province.The purpose is to investigate the operation, management mechanism of PE teaching and student class-odd training, school sports equipment and facilities and school teachers of the elementary school sports in NaHuangXian of henna province. And have the reform of the elementary school sports in further research. Aims to put forward rational Suggestions for better education, implementing quality-oriented national education plans strategy, the administrative department for school physical education decision provides reference for the development .Conclusion: it has to offer PE curriculum, but most of the schools could not running two PE classes at weekly in the elementary school sports of henna province. The sports teachers enforce implement teaching syllabus badly, sports teaching management is not standard, teaching evaluation not science. PE teachers’ quantity are few, male and female teachers imbalance, the female sports teachers scarce, full-time sports teacher, teacher day-to-day workload less large, treatment, influence of welfare low PE teachers’ work enthusiasm, not help stabilize, most of the teachers have PE teacher education training without continued ability difference, scientific research. School facilities and lack, sports few funds. According to present situation of henan province NaHuangXian elementary school sports teaching some existing problems and puts forward appropriate countermeasures: One, strengthening sports teachers team construction, improving physical education teachers level. Education management department should take effective measures, optimizing the structure adjustment, physical education teachers layout, the regular sports teacher education training, forming institutionalization. Sports teacher through various channels to understand the sports reform new dynamic, absorbing the new physical theory knowledge, improve their own quality, improve teaching quality school encourages sports teachers, improving teachers’ scientific creation, scientific research level; Second, strengthen the student sports participation, actively develop extracurricular sports activities. School arranged more some students willing to participate in, a strong interest in events, to improve the students’ enthusiasm of participation in sport. To strengthen extracurricular sports activities of the organization, management. Many organizations some students like sports, stimulate students’ interest in sports, actively develop extracurricular sports training and fostering a well-grounded sports reserve talented person; Three, implement the elementary school sports funds, perfect facilities. NaHuangXian education administrative department according to the specific circumstances of each school, establish special sports funds, other units shall not arbitrarily use, really implement sports funds. While encouraging schools sports ground equipment of self-made: Four, the school leader change idea of P.E., strengthen themselves, change the wrong ideas of "valuing literature while ignoring", the concept of traditional exam-oriented education, and really implement "the health first" guiding ideology.

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