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Studying the University’s High Level Track and Field Teams Present Situations and Offering the Countermeasures in Jiangsu Province

Author ZhouJie
Tutor LuShengHan
School Suzhou University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Jiangsu Province colleges and universities high-level track and field team the status quo Development Strategies
CLC G82-4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In this paper, literature, surveys, statistics, logic analysis, research methods, research colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province high-level track and field team situation, identify problems, propose development approaches. This study was designed to promote high-level college, Jiangsu Province, the construction and development of track and field team, to improve the quality of training high level athletes, the education administrative department decision-making basis. The results show that: (1) in Jiangsu Province high-level college athletics team most coaches believe that more emphasis on school leadership track and field team work; (2) in Jiangsu Province high-level college track and field team to do team-based model of school self- Provincial team-run mode and the "Primary School - Secondary School - University of" one-stop model smaller proportion; (3) Source of ordinary high school track and field athletes and sports school student, pre-school athletes a higher level of sports skills, level and above have 74 athletes, 54.4%; (4) The majority of athletes that affect their daily training on cultural learning, more than 50% of the athletes are learning some difficult professional courses, a small amount of athletes was very difficult, learning and training more prominent contradictions; (5) training of participating athletes is not targeting high to take the game credits, mainly to participate in the Provincial Games glory for the school, only 16.0% of the athletes participating in international competitions for glory for the country; (6) The majority of athletes train year round system is not enough, more than half of the coaches in training in the use of medical supervision and no psychological training methods, after school athletes to improve athletic performance ratio of less; (7) Coaches in the males, the main undergraduate degree structure, with more associate professor of coaches, most coaches teach life more than 10 years, and the movement has received a higher technical level, to accept poor training conditions; (8) participating coaches to guide training targeting diversified, the overall goal of positioning is not too high; affect business coaches to improve the level of the main factors: funding, training time to ensure, support and leadership coach full-time; (9) training space, equipment can still meet the training needs of the main problems currently facing are: athletes can not keep up nutrition and rehabilitation, training, lack of funds, sources of poor students, and athletes training time to ensure that incentives . (10) colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province for a high level of track and field team problems in the status quo, the proposed measures are: people-oriented, comprehensive development, effective learning and training to resolve conflicts; expand recruitment channels, efforts to build "one-stop" training system; promote " Combination ", creating a high level of Coaches; strengthening exercise training in the application of scientific means and methods; increase funding channels; increase the number of games, improve the athlete’s real competitive level; high-level college sports teams and professional teams Liaison Office may be a realistic way.

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