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Study on the Rational Allocation of Educational Resources for G College

Author LiuXueFeng
Tutor LiChunHao
School Jilin University
Course Business Administration
Keywords Higher educational resources resources allocation project design structural analysis
CLC G647
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Rational allocation of educational resources can improve the efficiency of its utilization. Given the conditions of increasing lack of resources at present, it is the important means of expanding the educational demand and solving the problems of higher education. The merging of universities is an approach to improve the efficiency of using resource, as a matter of fact, it expands the scale of universities, which provides a favorable platform and opportunity in order to realize resources sharing, rational allocation, to improve its using efficiency of resources, to strengthen the complementation among subjects and to promote the development of subjects. As one of important forms and measures of structural reform of higher education in our country, the way of running universities under the condition of merging of them is in need of thought and exploration concerning how to realize rational and effective allocation, that is, the project of rational allocation of resources after merging. This study used case studies in the field to analyze the problems of resources allocation of G College of Jilin---a new college after melding in 2007 and presented the ways of rational distribution of resources through the use of observation, collection and access to college files, log the minutes, as well as specific documents. The main study is as follows:This study pointed out the main problems in the allocation of resources at present at G College and conducted in-deep analysis:The problems and its causes in human resource allocation, including teacher resources and administrative resources, mainly: The allocation of resources for teachers:The total of teachers is lack, the ratio between students and teachers is far more high and the teachers have heavy burden. The title structure is irrational; teachers of senior technical titles are getting older and older. The educational structure of teachers is irrational, undergraduate educational teachers are accounting for the vast proportion, masters and doctors are less. The distributions of responsibility of teachers are inefficient and fail to fully tap the potential of the teachers. The teachers of senior technical titles are not as learned as them are and their level of scientific research is low.The causes of these problems: The idea of reserving personnel is bad. The effective mechanism for training teachers did not form. The management system for the teachers is old. The incentives for teachers are not sound enough.The problems of resources allocation of administration: The administrators take up a large proportion, the ratio between the administrators is unreasonable. The educational structure of administrators is low, which caused less advanced management concepts. The staff structure of the administrators is irrational, having more leaders. The working efficiency of administrators is low, overstaffed.The reasons for the problems: The idea of official standard is serious. The distribution of power is improper. The real scholars didn’t participate the school running. The“mountain-stronghold" mentality prevails. The effective monitoring mechanism has not yet formed.The problems of financial resources and its causesFinancial resources problems:The total of financial resources is short because of single source and the major funding gap. The using structure of financial resources is irrational and fails to achieve its effectiveness. There are hidden reserves, seeking private gain at public expense and other irregularities.The causes for the problems: We started at a low level and we have weak foundation. Our financial management is weak. The waste is caused by multi-school campus running. We unrealized financial disclosure, extensive supervision mechanism has yet to take shape.The problems of allocation of material resources and the causes :The allocation of resources and material resources allocation: The total of material resources lacks, the infrastructure is weak and shortage of materials also lacks.The limited resources haven’t been used efficiently because each department does things in its own way. The distribution structure is irrational, more for administrative, less for teaching.The causes for the problems: The cost decision-making mechanism is not scientific, there is a serious loss. The material resources management system is not adequate, system is not unified, the effective means of regulating the co-ordination is short, and sharing mechanism is difficult to form. The ideas of generalization of rights is serious, overall situation is short. The mode of multi-campus school running has to a certain extent affected the rational allocation of resources and material resources.According to the above analysis of problems and causes of the allocation of resources in G College, taking full account of the design principles, objectives, as well as design standards, I promote the development of the of G College rational allocation of resources for education programs:The total of teacher resources and the structure allocation :The total of teacher resource reaches 850 in 2013, the proportion will be up to the standard of the undergraduate school eligibility criteria, the part-time teachers will account for more than 10% of the full-time teachers to reduce the workload of teachers. The teachers of Doctor’s qualification in 2013 will be up to more than 60, and more than 400 master’s qualification to improve the academic structure of the teaching profession to the national average. We should introduce about 80 doctors or masters graduated from famous Universities in other provinces and 10 overseas academic staff and 3-5foreign teachers to improve the structure of the geo-science teachers. Associate professors should account for 35% of the total of the full-time teachers in 2013, more than 10% for the professors, 35% for the intermediate title, 20% for the junior titles to form a more reasonable title. To improve the old aged situation of the senior technical title personals, we should have 2-3 professors under 45 and the associate professors under 40 years should account for more than 40% of the total number to promote the rationalization of the age structure. We should finish successfully job of academic team selection, use and evaluation to strengthen the young and middle-aged leader and teacher training, and strive to cultivate within five years, 20 the provincial leaders, 30 municipal leaders and 50 municipal Middle-aged and young teachers. Administrative structure and resources allocation :200 members administration will be reemployed in 2013, lower ratio to 1:0.55 to reach the national average. We should improve the administrative educational structure, 60% of the middle-aged and young administrators under the age of 45 will gain master’s degree in 2013.We should perfect evaluation post system, stop setting position for personal interest and reduce the proportion of cadres.The total of financial and material resources and the structure allocation :The total value of the teaching equipments will reach over 60,000,000 yuan ,the total number of library materials will be more than 120 million copies, the building area will reach 420,000 m2, the library area will reach more than 25,000 m2, teaching administrative area of space, laboratory space in student hostels, places of training, a subsidiary space area will reach 190,000 m2, 11 million m2, 7 million m2 more than .respectively so that average construction area for a students and the average amount of books etc. Will meet or exceed the assessment of the Ministry of Education standards. The allocation of resources are inclined to the teachers, college tuition income for the day-to-day teaching of the funds should not be lower than 25% of operating expenses for the use of the teaching, teaching equipment repairing , other travel expenses of teaching. Less than5% annual income of the Institute is used for the subjects’leaders, the introduction of experts and professors, not less than 5% of the funds is used for training of young teachers. The basic office supplies should be adequate.We should set up start-up funding for scientific research and education reform project to enhance research capacity and teaching ability. In the planning period, Our College should set up 20 scientific research start-up projects, each 20,000 yuan, 10 teaching reform projects, each 10,000 yuan.In order to expand the channels the incremental capital resources, we should strengthen cooperation with the government, enterprises, make full use of social resources, and improve the proportion of social resources at the College of total assets to strive to donate 10% of the total revenue at the College. Operating income should account for more than 20% of the total revenue, the total assets of the community Co-educational school should account for 5% of the total assets.After setting up the project for the rational resources allocation of G College, I analyze the feasibility of the project from policies, organizations, technologies and funds and I come up with the strategies to guarantee the implementation.To reinvigorate the stock of resources; To reinvigorate the resources the extent of teachers; To moving the stock of administration resources; To revitalize the stock of financial resources; To reinvigorate the stock of material resourcesTo improve the resources increase: To improve teachers resources increase; To improve administration of resources increase; To improve financial resources increase; To improve material resources increase.To strengthen the security system construction: The construction of security system of rational allocation of teacher resources .The construction of security system of administration rational resources allocation .The construction of security system of financial rational resources allocation .The construction of security system of material rational resources allocationThe conclusion of this study is: we can find that the limitation of existing conditions from the current problems in the process of resource allocation at G College, the slow changes of ideology of the administrators has a quick influence on rational resource allocation of the college, therefore, it’s urgent to perfect the innovation system, study the problems, set up measures and put them into practice. In this article, the author finds some of corresponding strategies based on allocation of resources at G College, to extent, the theory is scientific, rational and feasibility, but at the same time there is further study Problems after a more in-depth study.

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