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Variable Current Constant Pressure Water Supply System Optimization Design

Author ZhangXu
Tutor ChenJianJun;SuoXiaoQiang
School Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Mechanical Engineering
Keywords The Water Supply System Minimum energy control system System optimization design
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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With the improvement of people's living standards , the emergence of a variety of high-end residential areas , the requirements for the various water systems is also growing . Expanding the size of the water supply system , complexity attendant to improve . At the same time the power consumption of hundreds of urban water supply system is great . Therefore, how to meet the water supply , water pressure and water quality requirements , to minimize energy consumption has become a very important issue . I engaged in the development and design of the water supply system of the variable flow regulator in the unit has been for many years , the design of many types of regulated water supply system , the requirements of various users can meet the user's requirements . Traditional living area of the water supply system , and some high water tank , some constant speed pump to draw water . Higher cost of high water tank , also can not be used in high - rise building , while secondary pollution of water sources , and now no longer used ; constant speed pump to draw water always full load operation , the energy consumption is large . The same time , both water supply , there is a common drawback : a point in the pipeline water pressure is not a constant value, namely pressure instability , high and low . For these reasons, we have a reasonable economic regulator of water supply system design practice . Adjust pump output inverter technology , the system is running smoothly and has a power-saving features . System design , we design a minimum energy control system using optimal control theory , given the minimum system energy control sequence . At the same time , the use of optimal estimation theory design discrete Kalman filter , a full and reliable estimates of the state variables of the system , and provide a strong guarantee for the optimized operation of the entire system . In order to prove the system 's energy-saving effect , we transform the living quarters of the water supply system in my unit . Statistics run data before and after the transformation , the ultimate proof that the system 's energy-saving effect .

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