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Research and Application on the Hydraulic Vibration Shock System Based on High Speed On/Off Valve

Author WangSuQing
Tutor DingFan
School Zhejiang University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Hydraulic shock and vibration Speed ??switch valve Chop filing machine Simulation Test
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Hydraulic shock and vibration since the system since its emergence in the 1960s, due to the impact, the energy conversion efficiency advantages by related industries at home and abroad, and the attention of experts and research, and is widely used: high power gravel, rock drilling, broken and construction machinery has undisputed dominance gradually promote the application in terms of small power hydraulic riveting, fatigue life test, vibrating screen. Mechanism and application of low-power electro-hydraulic vibration impact system hydraulic sector is currently a hot research topic. Papers on the basis of domestic and foreign literature, in the course of development of the hydraulic shock and vibration system, status quo and development trend of hot discussion, propose the structure and composition of the system based on the high-speed switching valve hydraulic vibration impact. The system modeling, simulation, and to explore the impact of structural parameters on the performance of vibration and shock simulation conclusion; completion of the experimental study of the system, analysis of the experimental results obtained experimental results. The use of hydraulic shock and vibration system based on high-speed switching valve, developed a new electro-hydraulic control chop filing machine prototype, to overcome the traditional mechanical chop filing machine power consumption, high noise, poor working conditions, severe wear, high maintenance costs The disadvantage with the advantage of energy-saving, low noise, frequency stability adjustable to meet the increasing market demand. For chapters are as follows: Chapter 1, on the basis of comprehensive analysis of the literature, describes the characteristics of the hydraulic vibration impact system different from the ordinary hydraulic system, working principle, classification, major applications; analysis and comparison of domestic and foreign The institutions of the advantages and disadvantages of the main shock and vibration applications on the market, and Research; elaborated two research methods for linear and non-linear model; details several research topics such as the development of key technologies dynamic; Finally, chop filing machine Research. Chapter 2, the theoretical analysis of the impact of hydraulic vibration system and key components based on the high-speed switching valve. Contrast to explore a variety of domestic and foreign hydraulic system, hydraulic shock and vibration system based on high-speed switching valve structure and composition, and expounded the system works. Further, the control elements used in the system, the impact of the hydraulic cylinder, accumulator, describe the structural characteristics of the high speed switching valve solenoids. Chapter 3 of the high-speed liquid-based high-speed switching valve automatically switch valve, and chop filing hydraulic system to establish a nonlinear mathematical model. Application of the finite element method, Ansoft's Maxwell as a platform for high-speed switching valve electrical - mechanical converter performance simulation; AMESim as a platform for high-speed liquid the dynamic switching valve, and chop filing hydraulic system simulation to investigate the structural parameters and the impact of the law on the performance of systems and components of the applied signal provides guidance for the design of systems and structures. Chapter 4, in order to verify the system design and suitability of the system performance experiments. The relief valve setting pressure and system operating pressure, the relationship between the impact force curve; affect the curve of the spring preload on the amount of the impact force; signal generator the pulse width of the signal curve than the impact force of the impact. Experimental and simulation results, which verified the accuracy of the theoretical analysis. Chapter 5, a summary of the research work and get results, and future research work and the direction of the next step.

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