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The Personalized Learning Evaluation System for Physics Based on MVC and Web DM

Author WangHaoLun
Tutor FangZhiYi
School Jilin University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords MVC personalized learning Web data mining
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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With the wide application of computer and communications technology in the field of education, education based on information has made tremendous development and progress. There are massive learning resources, which are heterogeneous, multiple and distributed, on the Internet. Digital education resources have also gone through a process from scratch, and after a long-term effort a large number of them in the network are built. Due to the constantly updated and increased information, e-learning has been popularized all over the world and more and more people are learning through the Internet. The traditional teaching methods, teacher-centered and test-oriented, have been gradually replaced by heuristic teaching methods, student-centered and in order to develop students’ innovating and self-learning abilities.However, in the face of so many e-learning resources, students and teachers cannot get the desired results. The reasons are mainly as follow:(1) E-learning system is still in the shared status at present, only providing a unified interface to learn and abundant learning resources. Teaching resources building, which stays at the technical level, cannot carry through the research on the whole programming about the resources. And a large amount of duplicate development will make resource development low efficient and poor sharing. A lot of learning resources listed will also make students ignorant how to make rational use of them and even have a mental weariness.(2) The system is less intelligent. There is no uniform standard for construction, making the subject resources lack of whole programming research. And there is no structured design of subject resources, making the subject resources building lack of standards. All the above factors will cause poor interacting of the system, non-timely feedback or no feedback at all.(3) The system overlooks the personality characteristics of students, which plays a very important role and is a prerequisite in teaching activities. Students, as the theme of teaching activities, vary in personality, learning basis and ability, styles and habits, attitudes and interests, and so on. However, the personality differences among students and oneness provided by teaching resources model bring the great contradictions. The existing learning evaluation system cannot provide personalized resources to enhance the students’ learning efficiency and initiative, according to their learning level. At the same time, the students’ interests, superiority and shortcomings are not taken into account in the evaluation system either.It will be an incoming problem how to make best use of available learning resources to overcome the shortcomings of the existing e-learning resources systems and construct a lifelong learning system. At the same time, with the development of information services, the new generation services should have to provide different users personalized pages suited to their own characteristics, which will make the learning system from passive acceptance to taking the initiative to apperceive of students’ requests, and realize the personalized services for the students.It is the main way to achieve the personalized learning evaluation services to set up models, based on analysis of data collection according to students’ requests, interests and access to system, and apply them in the filtering and sorting teaching resources so as to guide students in the course of browsing and information retrieval.In order to solve the existing problems in the e-learning system, the paper, taking physics as example, built a personalized learning evaluation system to provide a personalized learning environment.The article realized the personalized learning evaluation system mainly from the following aspects:(1) It analyzed the status quo of research and development in the existing e-learning system. And it carried through analysis and evaluation comprehensively of the existing e-learning system.(2) It introduced the characteristics and advantages of personalized learning and analyzed its application in the field of physics theoretically.(3) It constructed a platform for personalized learning evaluation system using MVC technology. MVC provides a number of views for the same data to realize separation between the data layer and session layer. It will increase the reusability of the architecture, simplify the maintenance, and improve the ability of handling emergencies for procedures by using MVC framework.(4) It carried out mining analysis of teaching resources using data mining technology based on Web, understood students’ learning requirements, learning progress and hobbies in time, proposed the personalized learning pattern timely, and established the personalized learning evaluation system. It will improve the system’s agility, and give the feedback timely and quickly. Then, the learning resources will be arranged reasonably and the learning process will be no longer a uniform pace. That is to say, students’ learning goals, contents, ways and environment are chosen by user-defined, so that the students can achieve all-round development, optimize the knowledge structure, and meet the social requirements.The personalized learning system in the physics can mobilize the students’ enthusiasm and personality fully and help to develop the students’ overall quality, which has a significant effect in the physical education reform.

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