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The Design of GIS-Based Expressway Monitoring System Software

Author HuGuanNan
Tutor ChenZhen
School Jilin University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords expressway Monitoring System GIS
CLC TP311.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The current status of the domestic expressway monitoring system at present is firstly introduced in this thesis, and then the development situation of Jilin Province in this aspect is further introduced. Since the expressways in Jilin Province were only 543 kilometers long before September of 2008, it is lower ranking in the whole country. The expressway monitoring system basically only has monitoring function with few controllable equipments, it is unable to provide more various services for the users.However, with the revision of the expressway plan of Jilin Province, our province has met the peak time of expressway construction. Three expressways were open to traffic successively in October of 2008, which reveals the high tide of expressway construction in our province. It is under such circumstance that we start to expand the function of monitoring system software on the original basis to build the platform for the further operation expansion in the future.The software is the advanced application of hardware, the hardware structure consequentially will influence the software programming, and at the same time the software serves the person, the management system also will consequentially have influence on the software function. Therefore, the composition, design scheme and management system of the monitoring system hardware of Jilin Province are introduced in the second part of this thesis, following that, the existing software situation including the software composition and the division of functional module is introduced in this thesis. After knowing the existing situation, the discussion for this design is started in this thesis.What is studied in the thesis is the GIS-based expressway monitoring system software. The GIS-based monitoring system is a comprehensive system integrating the modern advanced computer technology, high-speed stable communication technology and digital video technology facilitating the transmission, which adopts the connection of spatial data with database and changes the traditional information management method. The map changes into dynamic electronic map with rich and varied information from traditional static record to realize the data visualization. It makes the road management of the traffic management departments become visual, simple and easy operation to provide scientific and fast support for the decision making. The expressway monitoring system is integrated into the GIS system and also has natural advantages itself. There are large amount of rich vector map information, which provide rich resources for the GIS system in the expressway design. After determining that GIS system has undoubted advantages, we have discussed the system structure and method adopted for this design. The B/S structured is not determined accidentally, C/S structure has been matured in the traditional management information system field and the Internet technology has also been applied more widely. The B/S structure is being matured increasingly in the GIS field and the Internet technology is the inevitable development direction. Furthermore, after the expressway information platform is built in future, the B/S structure is more adaptable to provide Internet-based information service for the public. It is on the basis that the B/S structure is more adaptable to the application of Internet that we finally determine to adopt the B/S system structure. After that we introduced the function of the development platform.Following that, analysis is made from the GIS system composition and software function in this thesis. It is expected that each management software has more complete function and more simple operation, but since this preliminary project is to provide support for three expressways open to traffic successively in October of 2008 and the existing expressways in Jilin Province, it is unable to realize all prospective functions in short time.We divide the demands into different stages. The works in the earlier stage mainly include building GIS platform, matching the new expressway hardware with the software and adding equipment status detecting function. Following that, the detailed realization process of the abovementioned demands is introduced in the thesis. The finished works have been summed up finally in this thesis. This thesis has very important significance in the development of the expressway monitoring system of Jilin Province: Firstly, it satisfies the purpose that the monitoring system requires the realization of remote, real-time and dynamic monitoring and control. Secondly, the introduction of GIS builds the most important information platform for the intelligent traffic management and public service in the future. The innovative point of this thesis is to realize the combination of GIS system and monitoring system with the component technology to make the complex geographic information and road information graphic and visual, which is in accordance with the activity rule of human and the basic process of affair management and is favorable to grasping the key generally and making treatment with emphasis. Thirdly, the remote equipment detection is designed in this thesis, especially the status detection of video camera. The status detection of video camera in the past only remains whether the link is connected, but it will be unable to make correct judgment if the video camera does not work but the link is still connected. The detection precision can be improved through the method of image comparison after sampling the image. The assumption and expectation for future works: Due to self ability level and time limit, only preliminary scheduled target has been finished for the software at present, following that there still are many works to be done. The software itself still has many bugs such as weak analysis function of traffic flow, insufficient diversification of information inputting way, insufficiently simple operation, poor editability during report printing and etc.. The realized functions are still very simple. At present, the functions of road administration information inputting, maintenance information inputting and the display of vehicle for road administration in the map through GPS are still in debugging. The public information platform of expressways will immediately be started to be prepared in the future and various road condition information can be found out in relevant websites from now on. The voice call centers around the province are also under construction and the commanding center can see the concrete position of the accident vehicle in the map after the authorization of the user in the future as long as the emergency number is called on the expressway. Up to the time when this thesis is finished, the achievements of this topic have already emerged initially. After the new expressway was open to traffic in October, the original data need to be upgraded. If the old mode is adopted, we need to draw the existing road alignment in the original map and add corresponding equipments in the map according to the design documents, which not only takes time but also has poor precision.After the newly introduced GIS system software is adopted, we have measured the whole line once with the high-precise GPS positioning system during the project is under construction and made marks at relevant equipment positions. The information is directly transferred into the database after return and the system automatically loads relevant information. The research of this topic provides reliable and effective technology means for the scientific expressway management of Jilin Province at present. With the increasing maturity of GIS and its peripheral technology, the application of GIS in traffic management will be wider and it will certainly have huge influence and promotion on the level improvement of road management personnel, scientific management work, normative industry technology, strengthening of staff information awareness, enhancement of efficiency concept and impact on old traditional management mode.

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