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Research on Non-backlash Gear Transmission and Controllable Gear Pair

Author ZhuXueMing
Tutor LinBin
School Tianjin University
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords Gear Zero backlash Contact analysis Modal simulation Finite Element APDL
CLC TH132.41
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the development of science and technology , the increasing use of mechanical equipment performance requirements . Transmission mechanism as the one of the important components of the mechanical system , its performance directly affects the performance of the entire mechanical system . The gear is one of the most widely used form of mechanical transmission , thereby increasing the accuracy of the gear transmission , transmission efficiency and smooth transmission , and reduce or even eliminate the transmission of noise and vibration , smooth, controlled drive is extremely important . Subject to a precision gear pair under bi-directional load , for example, research by eliminating gear Vice backlash to drive the smooth controllable . First , according to the conditions of the gear pair , performance and size requirements , gear Vice Consumers gap structure and size parameters , and application of the finite element software ANSYS APDL language to establish the precise gear pair parametric model . ANSYS contact analysis module is called different preload under backlash and tooth contact stress analysis, the parameters initially determined to eliminate the gap required constant torque preload with the preload variation ; analyzed center distance deviation fa , the parallelism deviation fΣδ axis plane and the vertical plane parallel to the degree of deviation fΣβ three assembly errors on the contact stress , stress distribution and extreme value ; ANSYS modal analysis module is called gear Vice modal simulation , the first ten natural frequencies and mode shapes of analysis on modal preload . Found from the analysis of the results , the slide pin forward gear Vice self-locking , a small preload to eliminate backlash , reversal is not completely self-locking sliding pin , requires a large amount of preload to eliminate backlash . Center distance deviation will change gear Vice coincidence , is almost no effect on the deviation of the contact stress , the amount of negative deviation can improve interdental load distribution . The parallelism deviation gear partial load, leading to tooth uneven load distribution , the gear is not smooth . Gear pair contact analysis provides a basis for the determination of assembly tolerance ; modal analysis , the natural frequencies and modes , gear pair operating frequency selection . In summary, the results of this study have important guiding significance to achieve a smooth gear auxiliary drive controllable .

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