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Study on the Synthesis of Schiff-Base Metal Complexes and the Coordination Polymerizaton of Styrene

Author WangYueXin
Tutor WangJiaXi
School Hebei University of Technology
Course Materials Science
Keywords Coordination polymerization Schiff base metal complexes Synthesis Structural characterization Styrene
CLC O643.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2000
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In recent years, the research and development of new polyolefin catalysts continue to make a breakthrough , following the metallocene catalyst after the revolutionary change is caused by non-metallocene catalyst increasingly attracted people's attention . To salicylaldehyde with aniline , o-phenylenediamine as raw materials, synthetic N- salicylaldehyde aniline , N , N' - salicylaldehyde o- phenylenediamine , the use of these two ligands with titanium tetrachloride , ferric chloride, tetrabutyl titanate complex , synthesized eight new Schiff base metal complexes . Synthesized Schiff base metal complexes with a cocatalyst Grignard reagent composition of the catalytic system , the system of the Reaction of this new catalytic system for the catalytic polymerization of styrene . The effects of the polymerization reaction temperature , the catalyst system composition , the amount of catalyst, monomer concentration , Mg / Ti molar ratio , the polymerization time , the kind of solvent and the amount of the influence factors on the polymerization of styrene . < / Sup > C - NMR , IR , DSC and X- ray diffraction test use 13 means on the part of the polymer were characterized . The results show that the polymerization system found the mechanism of coordination polymerization , the polymer structure having a certain orderly .

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