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The the waterline grass pharmacological effects and its related substances basic research

Author SunYuFeng
Tutor ZhouCheng;WuQing;LinHui;HuangHaiBo
School Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Of Pharmacy
Keywords Waterline grass Hedyotis diffusa Material and basic research Pharmacological effects Water extract Water extract Effective substance Peritoneal macrophage phagocytosis People's Health Publishing House Antipyretic effect
CLC R285.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2000
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The waterline grass Rubiaceae (Rubiaceae) plant corymbosa flower ear grass Hedyotis cormbosa (L.) Lam.'s Full grass. Its shape and the same family belong to the same plant Hedyotis diffusa H · diffusaWilld Oldencandia diffusa (Willd.) Roxb] are very similar. Over the past decade Hedyotis diffusa widely used in clinical, tied for the traditional Chinese medicinal their sexual cool, sweet, light; stomach, small and large intestine; Qingrejiedu, diuretic swelling, blood analgesic effect ; attending carbuncle swollen sore, snakebite, a variety of ailments such as sore throat and gonorrhea. But the waterline grass and Hedyotis diffusa morphology very similar reasons, it is often mistaken for Hedyotis diffusa. Both in the acquisition of, or on the clinical use of drugs, mixed Hedyotis diffusa or alternative Hedyotis diffusa medicine use is widespread. In recent years, Hedyotis diffusa used in the clinical treatment of gastritis, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, hepatitis, more the pharmacological experimental study of the various types of nephritis and suppurative infectious diseases reported, as well as immune function; in these areas Research waterline grass was almost no coverage. The two species are the main production in Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan, for the Southern medicine development up to the last decade, the topic is in the summary of Hedyotis diffusa based on the study of the pharmacological effect of the clinical applications and immune proposed waterline study of the pharmacological effects of the grass and its related substances based on reports. A literature review: the waterline grass in the ancient Materia Medica literature no record. Over the last decade due to domestic widely used diffusa, found that a large number of mixed the waterline grass and belong to the same variety of side waterline herbology research reports. This article from the waterline grass mixed cropping since the use of flower snake tongue grass, study pharmacognosy waterline grass. Condition, the waterline grass with the same family belong to varieties of Chinese medicine and modern medicine heat antidote research profile in the clinical application of research and pharmacological effects summarized. Second, the experimental study of the role of the waterline herbal rationale: 1. Waterline grass water extract high-dose group rat fever caused inhibition of dry fermentation not significant antipyretic effects of 1,2 hours after drug, its antipyretic effect with the dose increase and strengthen, show a certain amount effect relationship. 2. Mouse peritoneal capillary permeability increase induced mouse ear swelling the waterline grass water extract of para-xylene, the high-dose group was inhibited by the inhibitory effect of the high-dose group was significantly induced by acetic acid, low-dose group No significant inhibition. These two aspects has prompted inhibit the inflammatory exudate and inflammatory edema. 3 ice line grass water extract, the high-dose group could enhance the clearance function of mice monocyte macrophage phagocytosis of carbon particles in the high-dose group role significant; waterline grass water extract small, and high-dose groups of mouse peritoneal macrophage phagocytic the chicken erythrocytes capacity were significantly enhanced role. These two aspects suggest that it has to enhance the body's non-specific rabbit immune function. 4. Acute toxicity test: waterline grass water extract of a lethal dose of a few D mice half. * Confidence limits for the 198.4-254the. Waterline herbal management role effectively substances identified and qualitative or quantitative research. 31. Immune polysaccharide Determination: The results are shown in Table 7, the waterline the grass polysaccharide content is slightly lower than the Hedyotis diffusa. 2. Waterline grass assembly compounds qualitative detection: The results showed that the waterline grass into-containing substances. 3. Determination of total amino acid content: The results are shown in the the cousin waterline grass total amino acid content higher than Hedyotis diffusa.

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