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Studies on Ecological-biological Characteristics and Asexual Reproduction of Macropanax Rosthorniiby

Author ZhouLinJie
Tutor LiangWenBin
School Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course Conservation and Utilization of Wild Fauna and Flora
Keywords Aureobasidium large participation Habitat Community Characteristics Tissue culture Cuttings
CLC S685.99
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Aureobasidium big Araliaceae ginseng is a wild evergreen shrub or small tree, mainly distributed in Gansu, Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, etc., but in the distribution range of each origin very narrow, small distribution area. Aureobasidium large parameter has high medicinal value and ornamental value, but has not been developed and utilized. This is the first pair distribution facilities in Western Hunan Yongshun County dissolved River region of wild ginseng Aureobasidium great ecological and biological characteristics were investigated, and their community characteristics were analyzed and discussed; first explored the short stems and large participation of tissue culture Propagation by Cuttings. The research results for the wild ginseng Aureobasidium big introduction, domestication and breeding and means to provide a scientific basis for the protection of wild plants, rational development and utilization has great theoretical significance and practical value. Through investigation Yongshun County Shi dissolved River region Aureobasidium large ginseng habitat, the results show that the area belongs to the subtropical humid climate, four distinct seasons, calories than enough rainfall, warm and humid, three-dimensional climate characteristics significantly, microclimate effect is remarkable. The soil is yellow-brown, deep forest litter, soil fertility is high. Aureobasidium parameters suitable for large canopy density is low (around 0.3 ·) understory growth, hi damp environment, avoid direct sunlight, often grown in the valley on both sides of forests and thickets; Aureobasidium large community types as parameters natural secondary forest, mostly coniferous, a few coniferous forest. Dominant species is the fir; Asia is the dominant species Aureobasidium big Senate. In this study, tissue culture test results showed that: ① Aureobasidium big argument tissue culture explants best disinfectant processing time is 70% alcohol 3 0s mercuric 4 min 30s; ② MS medium browning rate is higher, activated carbon can delay the outer browning time, but can not really prevent browning, a low level of salt in the use of media such as 1/2MS, B5, WPM, the browning phenomenon significantly decreased; ③ basic best callus induction medium was WPM and B5; ④ best bud explants was followed by stems with buds and stems; stems with buds can produce buds, the highly promising explants, if we can solve buds growth arrest problem, will greatly shorten the large participation Aureobasidium tissue culture cycle; ⑤ best medium for callus induction: B5 NAA 2.0 mg · L-1 6-BA 1.0mg · L-1, callus induction rate can be up to 68%, followed by WPM NAA 2.0 mg · L-1 6-BA2.0 mg · L-1, callus induction rate of 56%; ⑥ sucrose concentration on callus induction obvious impact, sucrose concentration over low will result in death of the explants, sucrose concentration is too high will inhibit the production of callus; ⑦ callus subculture medium for B5 NAA 0.5 mg · L-1 6-BA 4.0mg · L-1; more tissue injury after subculture after 2 induced somatic embryos; differentiated embryoid continue to foster new plants. Participation Aureobasidium large cuttings results showed that: Aureobasidium big argument for rooting cuttings matrix effects have a significant impact, cutting the best matrix is ??perlite, followed by the southern red; red is the southern region of the main soil types, and has drawing convenience and low cost, can be widely used in production; appropriate concentration of plant growth regulators can improve the short stems rooting large parameter survival, growth regulator treatment without rooting rate was only 12.5%, the growth regulator agent treated rooting rate of 25%; ABT, IBA and NAA 3 种 growth regulators are suitable for the short stems rooting large parameter cuttage pharmacy, but NAA, ABT is the best, but the concentration should not exceed 500mg · L- 1; Because of ABT relatively cheap, available in production can greatly promote the use; short stems in large parameter when cutting propagation, cuttings easily lead to poor drainage adventitious root rot, so good drainage to choose cuttings bed.

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