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Study on Biological Character and Cutting Technology of Introduced Bluebeny in Chengjiang Country of Yunnan

Author ShiHaiZhi
Tutor LiuHuiMin
School Southwest Forestry University
Course Pomology
Keywords blueberry cutting biological character fruit quality
CLC S663.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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At present, the blueberry is one of the fruit trees with a big development potentialin the world. In order to amend the structure of the blueberry varieties, and enrich the fruitresources in China, and find out the excellent varieties suitable for Yunnan to plant, in thispaper studied preliminarily the cutting propagation, growth development character,flowering and fruiting character and fruit qualities of four blueberry varieties by the use ofRandomized Experimental Design ways, combining with field investigation and laboratoryexperiment. The main results were as follows:1. The integrated rooting quality (Q) of softwood cutting from four varieties ofblueberries was 46.43, 37.38, 20.23 and 16.55 respectively. The best rooting period wasthe beginning of June, and the best substrate for cutting was red soil mixed with turfy soiland perlite by 2:1:1 (v/v). In different density of rooting reagent treatments, ABT1 100mg/L was the best for Brightwell, Powerblue or Premier, and ABT1 50mg/L was the bestfor Gardenblue.2. The introduced Premier and Powerblue varieties sprouted branches two times, butGardenblue and Brightwell varieties sprouted branches three times in one year. Thequantity of sprouting branches in spring was the largest and the growth period was about90-100 days. The quantity of sprouting branches in summer was fewer than in spring andthe branches growth was not regular. The quantity of sprouting branches in autumn wasmuch fewer than in spring, and the sprouting time was more identical. There were obviousdifferences of the spring and summer branches in length, but the length of autumn brancheswere no significant differences.3. During the development of blueberry’s fruit, the grow curve of transverse diameter,vertical diameter and weight in fruit looked like double“S”. Duration and growth velocityof two peak of fruit development were quite different in various blueberries. Growth anddevelopment of fruit length was similar to diameter.4. The introduced blueberry varieties budded on the end of January, bloomed on themiddle of February, bore fruits on the middle of March, and were ripe on the end of May.Comparison with the origin, the phonological periods of blueberry planted in Chengjiangwas advanced. 5. There were obvious differences in flower quantities of blueberries. Number offlowers per single plant of Brightwell, Premier and Gardenblue were more, but the fallenflowers were very serious. The number of stamen of Brightwell was much larger than othervarieties. Gardenblue was least, the number was only 9.0. Setting percentage from high tolow was Powerblue, Brightwell, Premier and Gardenblue respectively. The fresh weight ofblueberry and yield per single plant were 0.86g and 1.49kg respectively in Chengjiang,they were much fewer in comparison with Guizhou introduced places in China.6. There were obvious differences in the proportion of fruiting branches of thedifferent length branches. Short branches were main fruiting branches in the blueberryvarieties and it couldn’t be bearing fruit if the branch length was over 20 centimeters.7. The differences of nutrient elements were obvious in different blueberries varieties.The contents ranges of protein, total sugar, total acid, vitamin C, soluble solids, water andcrude fiber in fruits were 251.89-531.18mg/100g, 5.76-8.03g/100g, 0.08-0.13%, 3.75-5.40mg/100g, 14.8-16.6%, 81.38-82.75% and 7.91-15.30% respectively. P, K, Ca, Mg, S,Fe, Zn, Cu and Mn contents were higher. The comprehensive nutrition quality of Premierwas best, and Gardenblue was worse than other. Comparison with other introduced placesin China, several physics and chemistry indexes that could be compared which judgedpreliminarily that Chengjiang county of Yunnan province was one of ecological regions toplant blueberry.8. Blueberry varieties showed very ecological adaptation in Chengjiang, for example,the growth vigor of nursery stock was good; the branch growth, flowering and fruitingperformance were normal; the fruit quality was better. The results of comprehensiveassessment to all the introduced varieties showed that Premier, Brightwell and Powerbluehad good adaptation and economical characters. They could be extended in the similarecological regions. Gardenblue could not be extended because the comprehensive nutritionquality was too poor and the yield was very few.

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